Homosexual Republican Censorship Advocates Cotton and Hawley are Tumors on the Soul of America

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The shitbags Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley are actually, in fact, worse than that cunt Nancy Pelosi.

These two men, shills of the Jews, are the most aggressive supporters of internet censorship that America has ever seen. They also both appear to be closeted homosexuals.

More than likely, these two twisted sickos are involved in a homosexual boy-fiddling racket. There is no other reason I can see that these two would be so aggressive about trying to silence freedom of speech in America in the name of Jewish Israel.

Last week, during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on social media, these two sickening perverts harassed social media CEOs, demanding more and more censorship from these companies that are already heavily censored.

Tom Cotton, who is allegedly and obviously gay, attacked the CEO of TikTok, claiming that he is a Chinese communist.

He literally said “are you or have you ever been a member of the communist party,” like he’s Joseph McCarthy.

What the fuck does that even mean?

The guy is from Singapore. Singapore is a country allied with the United States in its evil globalist agenda to force the world into gay-anal slavery.

The only thing that Cotton can possibly be doing here is demanding more censorship from TikTok, which already censors almost as badly as Facebook or Twitter.

Chu says he wants to allow people freedom of speech, but of course, TikTok already broke. They censored the Bin Laden letter. They blocked anyone from talking about it. Recently, they’ve been censoring on behalf of Israel. But, of course, Cotton doesn’t think they’ve been censoring enough on behalf of Israel, so he’s going to accuse this poor CAPITALIST Chinaman of being a communist, because of his race.

What Cotton is demanding is that this Chinese company censor AMERICANS for speaking out against Israel and other Jewish problems.

The faggot Hawley also accused Chu of being a communist, without evidence.

Hawley got very aggressive, as he always does in these hearings, acting like a woman in a parking lot at 3AM. This is his entire public identity. He is a man who has public emotional breakdowns in support of silencing Americans.

What would it mean if Chu was a communist? He’s not allowed to operate in America? They are going to ban his company?

This is all based on the Joe Biden bill to ban all forms of social media that do not censor enough.

There is no possible argument that explains what the hell these people are attempting to claim about TikTok. They say it is brainwashing people into being against Israel. The horrible satanic cunt and murder-lover Nimrata Randhawa AKA “Nikki Haley” claimed that for every 30 minutes you watch TikTok, you become 17% more antisemitic.

That is a nonsensical claim, on its face, but that is what all Republicans now believe, and they think anyone who criticizes the Jews should be silenced.

In fact, anyone who has open access to information is going to be against Israel, unless they are a serial killer. No one with any basic morals at all will support the Jews slaughtering babies if they know the truth about what is happening.

It is totally beyond the pale that the Republicans said all of this stuff about freedom of speech, and now that Israel is being widely criticized, they are calling for the internet to be shut down.

I am so sick of the anti-China propaganda. I’m not sick of it because I’m a Chinese shill. I don’t really care what people think about the Chinese, and I am personally offended by the way they spit in elevators. I am sick of the anti-China propaganda because 100% of anti-China persons are pro-Jewish, and in the case of Republican anti-China shills, they blame things that the Jews are doing on China.

I recently did an article explaining just how Jewish the Joe Biden White House is.

See: Just How Jewish is the US Government?

Meanwhile, the top Republican influencer account, DC_Draino, is out there claiming that China is controlling Joe Biden.

He claims that Jimmy Lai’s prosecution is not being covered by the American media.

In fact, Lai is a columnist at the New York Times.

His son is also a columnist there.

The Times, along with every single other American publication, does regular updates about Jimmy Lai. DC_Draino is simply lying outright.

I can also explain that Lai is literally a seditionist, who was meeting with US officials and attempting revolution against the Chinese government.

Here he is in 2019 meeting with Nancy Pelosi:

So, you can try to figure out what DC_Draino meant when claiming that Joe Biden is oppressing this man, who was pushing the Pelosi agenda. Or, maybe you won’t think about that, because you’re not a retard who is confused by this situation.

Lai was also cleared of charges in 2020 – after he’d been filmed meeting with Pelosi, Pence, and other American officials, and openly stating he was trying to overthrow the Chinese government.

Then in a second case, he was convicted. And the Jews over at the NYT published a front page story from the Editorial Board condemning his conviction.

The Times board said “freedom loses again.”

So, this guy’s prosecution is being covered up by the American media?

DC_Draino is the worst shill for the Jews, covering up the fact that Joe Biden is controlled by the Jews, and instead blaming the Chinese.

Draino, who is an Irish race traitor, real name “Rogan O’Handley,” also appears to be a homosexual, based on photos I’ve seen.

He sure as hell looks like a faggot.

However, it may also be that I just assume that being a faggot is the only reason anyone would sell their country out like this. Whether it is Cotton, Hawley, or Draino, I simply cannot imagine lying to destroy your own country for money. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I can, however, imagine selling out my people for sex. I wouldn’t do it, but I can at least imagine it. Of course, the only reason you would need to sell your people out for sex is that you are a homo and involved with small boys.

Whatever their motivations, these people in the “conservative movement” who are calling for censorship of US citizens, and blaming China for problems caused by the Jews, are the worst cancer on this country.

Of course the Democrats support censorship and blaming China (and Russia) for things. But we expect the Democrats to do that. The conservatives are supposed to be supporting America. Instead, you find that they are openly supporting the Democrat agenda, and then just obfuscating with gibberish about the Chinese.

Anyone who claims that China is in any way important to American domestic politics is lying to you on purpose. At best, the only thing they could be doing is providing Americans with free speech on TikTok, but they’re not even doing that because Biden threatened to ban them. We can all analyze foreign policy, and consider how the US reacts to Chinese actions, but the claim that China is involved in US domestic policy is an absurd, moronic, hateful, Jewish lie.

Possibly, Tucker Carlson is not lying on purpose and is actually just really stupid. I dismissed him as a Jewish shill when he claimed that the Biden hoax of the “Chinese spy balloon” was real, but now that he is interviewing Vladimir Putin, I have to say: it’s possible he is just incomprehensibly dumb.

Note: The fact that Republicans are also calling for censorship of social media in order to stop teenagers from being sad is a separate issue that was on full display at this hearing, which I will write about tomorrow.