France Burns as Diversity Celebrates the New Year by Attacking Civilization

Daily Stormer
January 2, 2020

The Old French have their traditional moments of national unity: Bastille Day, New Year fêtes, ceremonies to honor the “French Elvis” Johnny Hallyday, etc.

In the Age of Diversity, an ever-dwindling number of people care about any of this.

The “New French” have their traditional moments of unity too, most of which involve going on the rampage while the Old French are having a good time.

This year was no exception. As the new year barged its way into France, the fires of diversity burned.

High-melanin individuals in different cities or even housing estates compete with one another to see who can rack up a high score for car burnings each year.

This time, the diversity monkeys in Strasbourg seems to have out-competed everyone else.

Here we see French police cower amid a general conflagration as they come under mortar fire from the brown horde.

Here’s a good general compilation of New Year diversity rampages from the Lower Rhine region of France, of which Strasbourg is the capital.

Some of these places have Germanic names because this area changed hands a few times between Germany and France as a result of various wars.

In the old days, it was known as a stronghold of the Jews.

I’m sure it’s just a cohencidence that it’s now a stronghold of Diversity.

Remember: When the Diversity Wars really kick off, it will be like this every day, but with real ordnance instead of fireworks.