France: Country in Shock After Macron Refuses to Join Depardieu’s Lynching

We keep telling you people that Macron would just be a normal leader if the circumstances were normal. That isn’t a defense of the fact that he is a shill. He is a shill for the Americans, therefore the Jews.

However: he is constantly making statements bucking the Washington/globalist/Jew agenda.

Remember, they only brought Macron in because he was the only person left to keep Le Pen out after the anointed mainstream shill lost all support. It was a Hail Mary play to put him in charge of France. He’s made all these statements about blacks, immigrants, Russia, the Middle East, and so on.

Now he’s defending a beloved French actor accused of “sexism” and “harassment.”

The Guardian:

Feminists and politicians on the left have reacted angrily after the French president described the actor Gérard Depardieu – who is under formal investigation for rape and facing fresh scrutiny over sexist comments – as the target of a “manhunt”.

“You will never see me participate in a manhunt … hate that type of thing,” Emmanuel Macron told the broadcaster France 5, when asked about the possibility of stripping Depardieu of a state award after a documentary showed footage of sexist and inappropriate behaviour by the star.

That’s not just a defense of the actor specifically, it’s a denouncement of the entire metoo movement. He’s saying “manhunt,” though in English we would say “witch hunt.”

Macron went deep on the defense.

Speaking on Wednesday evening, Macron said: “I’m a great admirer of Gérard Depardieu; he’s an immense actor … a genius of his art. He has made France known across the whole world. And, I say this as president and as a citizen, he makes France proud.”

Critics on Thursday condemned his remarks as “despicable”, with one opposition politician calling Macron “the promoter-in-chief of rape culture”.

Well. If that’s the case, I support it.

Several key figures in film and television have said they will not work with Depardieu again after the documentary, Depardieu: The Fall of an Ogre, ran on the public service channel France 2 earlier this month.

It showed footage of Depardieu on a trip to North Korea in 2018 to mark the secretive state’s 70th anniversary. The actor, who had travelled to Pyongyang with a TV crew and knew he was being filmed, made obscene comments to women, and about women, repeatedly sexually harassed a female translator, and made sexual comments about a child at an equestrian centre who was riding a horse.

No one cares about that!

Leave the guy alone!

He was helping the country by being diplomatic envoy to North Korea of all places. And in North Korea, they don’t have feminism. Men are allowed to joke around about sex, and in fact, it is considered creepy and weird if they don’t make some sexual jokes. Normal people assume a man is a pervert if he doesn’t make sexual jokes. In a normal country, everything is the reverse.

But notice they are attacking him over North Korean comments – because he knows that in the sickening, satanic West, you can’t act like a normal man.

The documentary also interviewed the actor Charlotte Arnould, who went to the police five years ago accusing Depardieu of rape and sexual assault on two occasions at his home in Paris in 2018, when she was 22 and Depardieu, a friend of her father, was 70. Depardieu was placed under formal investigation for alleged rape and sexual assault in the case in December 2020. The investigation is continuing; Depardieu’s lawyers have denied all allegations against him.

Oh, really? Raped at his house? Again, we’re doing this? In France? And mentioning the age gap, as if 22-year-old women don’t want to have sex with famous 70-year-old men?

Rima Abdul Malak, the culture minister, has said Depardieu had shamed France with his comments about women and girls in the documentary. She said a disciplinary procedure was in place to remove his state award, the Legion of Honour.

Why is this hideous Arab bitch France’s culture minister? If you’re going to have Arabs in charge of government offices, shouldn’t they at least be against feminism?

However, Macron, in his television interview, said: “You don’t strip someone of a Legion of Honour based on a report.” He said the award, the most prestigious the government can give and which Depardieu received in 1996, “is not a moral tool”. The judicial process should take its course, the president said, adding that it was important that Depardieu be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Innocent until proven guilty???

Such old-fashioned thinking! Basically it’s racism.

But the president’s comments about being proud of Depardieu sparked outrage on the left and among lawyers and rights’ campaigners.

François Hollande, the former Socialist president, told France Inter radio: “No, we are not proud of Gérard Depardieu, when, while looking at a young girl of 12 years old riding a horse, he sexualises her.”

Firstly, this is France.

Secondly, you can’t tell the age of an Asian (and the documentary makers probably just guessed).

Thirdly, who cares? The North Koreans don’t.

Fourthly, it’s a joke.

Fifthly, he probably said something like “I’ve got something for her to gallop on.”

Hollande said that Macron, who has said one of his priorities was to end violence against women, should not have made the comments and should have spoken about women, rather than Depardieu’s status as an actor.

Anne-Cécile Mailfert, the president of France’s Foundation for Women, said Macron’s comments were “disgraceful, despicable and of another era”. She told BFMTV the president had shown no respect for women who spoke out against powerful men. He had been deliberately trying to create a diversion from the political row about his new immigration law, she said.

This is a retarded take.

This watered down but still sorta functional anti-immigration law is one of the most popular things he’s done since taking office.

I’ll say again: in a normal world, Macron would behave normally. Despite being a weirdo with a granny wife, we can see from many actions and statements that he wants to act normally.

One of Depardieu’s accusers