Germany: 8 of 9 Immigrants Who Gang-Fucked 15-Year-Old at the Park Walk Free

They all received juvenile sentences, despite some of them not even being minors when the crime happened

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Eight gang rapists have been set free to walk the streets of Germany despite being convicted of a heinous and violent rape of a 15-year-old girl, with the case drawing outrage in a country known for its lax policy towards migrant rapists. The Hamburg regional juvenile court gave its guilty verdict Tuesday; however, only one convicted rapist, an Iranian migrant, was sentenced to two years and nine months in juvenile detention despite DNA evidence being found on the victim from all nine men.

The case dates back to 2020, when the crowd robbed a drunk female student in Hamburg city park, raped her repeatedly, and then filmed the whole incident.

All the defendants, who are between 19 and 23, received suspended sentences, except for the one Iranian, which means none of the others will serve any jail time. Media reports indicate that eight of the nine rapists had migration backgrounds, with the convicted rapists coming from Poland, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Armenia, and Afghanistan.

I don’t believe a Pole joined an Arabian gang-rape. That is simply not believable.

The Arabs themselves would attack him.

He’s one of the “Poles” that the EU flooded the country with.

The court determined that the 15-year-old victim, who was heavily intoxicated, was dragged into a bush in the park in September 2020. Four of the convicted men raped her, and then stole her cell phone and wallet. Then, two others sexually abused the woman. However, it did not end there, with three others then moving in to sexually abuse the young girl.

Traces of semen were found from all the men on the victim.

Anne Meier-Goering, the presiding judge in the case. Three years ago, she found a 93-year-old guilty of personally gassing 5,000 people during WWII.

The light suspended sentences were handed out despite none of the men showing any remorse during the trial, according to Bild newspaper, which sat in during the proceedings. One perpetrator was described as nearly falling asleep during the trial.

The migrants’ lawyers argued that the men were operating with high testosterone levels as an excuse behind the gang rape.

Well, that seems reasonable enough.

You know, I mean… this is really a Snake Baker thing. He’s big on this white knight shit.

I believe this was a gang-rape, but the bitch is plastered drunk in a place filled with immigrants, so it’s really hard not to imagine that she was asking for it.

If women don’t want to get gang-raped by immigrants, they should stay home and act modest.

What’s more – and I hate to say this, but I have to because I’m honest – what’s more: if she’s not a virgin, then what difference does it make if she’s gang raped?

Either you’re a virgin or you’re not. Whether you’ve fucked one nerd or nine immigrants is not particularly important.

Even if you think it is important, it’s actually not important, because you can’t prove it either way. A woman who did a fuck-fest with nine immigrants can say “oh I only had sex with my nerd high school boyfriend.”