Japan: Major Oil Company Fires President for Hugging a Woman

Takeshi Saito

Japan is subject to these new rules that Western governments have invented about race, sex, women, and so on. But they don’t really understand the rules very well. Japanese are too autistic to follow the internal logic of the woke mind virus. So they just observe and try to copy it.

Firing the top guy for hugging a woman – while drunk, mind you – is a bit extreme, even by Western standards.


Japan’s largest petroleum wholesaler Eneos Holdings has dismissed its president for inappropriately hugging a woman at a social gathering while drunk.

The company announced the dismissal of President Saito Takeshi on Tuesday, saying a whistleblower informed it of the incident in late November. An investigation by Eneos Holdings verified the allegation.


It said Executive Vice President Miyata Tomohide will take over from Saito until it has chosen a new executive lineup.

The company decided at its board of directors meeting on Tuesday to dismiss Saito and advised Executive Vice President Yatabe Yasushi, who also attended the gathering, to step down. Yatabe, who is in charge of the company’s compliance, reportedly resigned in response.

Eneos Holdings also decided on a three-month, 30-percent pay cut for Senior Vice President Sunaga Kotaro, who was found to have made inappropriate remarks to the woman at the same gathering.

Two guys were going at the same woman at a party, and we’re supposed to believe she wasn’t provoking them?

Anyway, it’s stupid to even have to go to the level of working this through logically, because it’s retarded on its face. All Japanese know this feminist bullshit is retarded. Who does it serve? Uncle Sam only.

If Japan would just grow up, get over it, admit that China is the dominant power in Asia, they could just act normally, keep their normal society, move on with their lives.

Instead, Japan is meeting with that wild gorilla from the US Defense Department to plan a war with China.