France: Crowds Honor Those Who Tried to Defend Toddlers from Refugee’s Enriching Spree

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How could you not rush a man who is stabbing little kids?

It says something horrible about the society that there were some men who saw this and didn’t rush the guy.

“Ahhhhhh! I have to get home! I need to masturbate!”

It’s crazy.

I don’t say this as some kind of tough guy. But I mean, come on – isn’t this just a biological instinct? That you would rush the guy stabbing kids?

I think in America, you might end up with zero people fighting the attacking haji. Americans are allowing this child tranny stuff, and I think anyone would rather have their kid stabbed to death by Moslems than be raped and have his dick cut off by homosexuals. There are obviously fates worse than death.

Anyway, these people should not be celebrated as heroes. I’m not trying to say “don’t celebrate them.” But they just did what literally any man would do.

The Guardian:

Hundreds of residents have gathered in Annecy to honour those who risked their lives trying to tackle a man accused of stabbing four toddlers and two adults at a playground in the south-eastern French city last week.

As people laid flowers in the same park where Thursday’s attack took place, Annecy’s mayor, François Astorg, praised the “courage and professionalism” of those who had fought the assailant and described Sunday’s gathering as “a strong sign of unity and solidarity”.

“We are together,” he added. “We will face this together. “Our only choice is to respond with unity and hope … to choose the future rather than destruction. To gather is to build rather than hate.”

Among those who rushed towards the attacker were two municipal workers, a young man renting pedal boats, a maths teacher and a tourist. A childminder also hurried to rescue two wounded children.

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, met the heroes during a visit on Friday, and the public prosecutor Line Bonnet-Mathis also paid tribute to those who, “by their action, were able to preserve human lives”.

The attack, which has left the normally peaceful lakeside city in shock, has prompted hundreds of people to visit the scene to lay flowers, soft toys and heart-shaped balloons.

On Saturday, Bonnet-Mathis announced that a man had been put under investigation – the equivalent of being charged – for attempted murder in connection with the stabbings.

The public prosecutor said Abdalmasih Hanoun, a 31-year-old Syrian refugee, had refused to speak or answer questions from the police or judges.

Why are these people here?

Who agreed to this?

Ah, yeah.

That’s right.

Der Ewige Cunt.