France: Director Getting Metooed for “Raping” Woman for 6 Years Almost 4 Decades Ago

Benoit Jacquot and his victim, the Jewess Judith Godrèche. This picture was taken while he was raping her.

Women are very empowered these days. Except when they’re not. When they’re not empowered, they are helpless victims, who are totally incapable of making decisions, and have all of their behavior shaped by men against their will.

Sometimes, decades after being oppressed, they become empowered, and fight back against previous instances of oppression by filing criminal charges against men they had sex with.

Many times, the women are completely irrelevant by the time they get empowered, and lash out at very successful men, demanding money.

Japan Today:

French actor Judith Godreche has pressed charges against film director Benoit Jacquot 25 years her senior, accusing him of raping her when she was a teenager, her lawyer said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the 51-year-old actress lodged a formal complaint with the Juvenile Protection Brigade (BPM) for suspected rape of a minor by a person in a position of authority, lawyer Laure Heinich told AFP.

The announcement comes as French cinema is reeling from claims the world of arts has shrugged off sexism and sexual abuse for decades.

She was previously a victim of Harvey Weinstein, who asked her to give him a massage

Taking to social media in January, Godreche accused Jacquot, now 77, of manipulating her into a relationship as a vulnerable underage actor, saying the arts have provided cover for abuse.

French daily Le Monde, which first carried the story of the formal complaint, said that Jacquot “firmly” denies the allegations. Jacquot declined to speak to AFP when asked to comment in January.

The relationship between the two began in the spring of 1986, when Godrech was just 14, and ended in the early 1990s.

Godreche said she remained “in his grip” for six years, starring in two films he directed, “Les Mendiants” (“The beggars”) in 1988 and “La Desenchantee” (“The disenchanted”) in 1990.

Wow, six years.

You would think “that must be the longest rape ever,” but in fact, Harvey Weinstein raped women for even longer.

She decided to speak out after discovering him boasting about their relationship being a “transgression”, and cinema providing a “cover” for it, in a 2011 documentary.

“I threw up,” Godreche has told the TMC television channel, seeing him enjoy such “impunity”.

“Consent does not exist when you’re 14,” she said. “I wasn’t seduced, I was completely manipulated.”

It’s convenient, you might think, that consent didn’t apply to her when she consented to this relationship with a powerful and influential man.

However, it is simply part of The Science that consent doesn’t apply at 14 in France. Different countries have different consent periods, and even if 14 did have consent in France in the 1990s, it doesn’t now, meaning the history changed.

Trailer from one of the movies she made while he was raping her

When consent age changes, and then history changes, men remain responsible, and must give a lot of money to women.