France: Former Math Professor Sentenced to a Year in Prison for Denying the Stupid Jew Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2015

Vincent Reynouard
Vincent Reynouard

Yet another Frenchman has been sentenced to a Jew Gulag for denying their idiot gas chamber hoax.

Vincent Reynouard was sentenced to two years in prison, then it was reduced to one year as that is the maximum for thought-crimes in France.


Vincent Reynouard was accused of “disputing a crime against humanity.” In a video posted at the beginning of 2014, a few months before the commemorations of the seventieth anniversary of the landing [at Normandy], he challenged the reality of the extermination of European Jews. This former professor of mathematics also compared the participation of young people from Lower Normandy in Auschwitz study tours to a “indoctrination on behalf of the duty of memory.”

The Court of Appeal of Caen sentenced him to one year imprisonment. The judgment does not provide a fine (in the first instance, he was also ordered to pay 35,000 euros). In a recent video posted on the internet Vincent Reynouard had claimed that he would refuse to pay a penny.

“The republic has made ​​me a pariah” believes he (the National Education wrote off in 1997 for having developed his theories during his math class ). It ensures that justice seeks above all to the “gag.”

Yes, this is the purpose of modern “justice.” To gag anyone who would question the endless lies of the Jewish parasite which rules over us.

This story was forwarded to me by fellow French thought-criminal Boris Le Lay, who was recently sentenced to six months for saying Blacks aren’t Celtic.