France: Imam Deported Within 12 Hours for Criticizing Jews

Wait, it’s possible to “deport” people?

Like, arrest them and put them out of your country?

How have I never heard of this?


France used a new immigration law to deport a radical Imam in just 12 hours, but the target insisted that he is the victim of a misunderstanding and vowed to return.

French interior minister Gérald Darmanin hailed the nation’s new immigration law passed last year for making it easier for the government to deport undesirable foreigners after it was used on Thursday against a radical preacher. Tunisian-origin Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi went from detention to being put on a plane in just 12 hours.

Darmanin said: “Instructions were given to issue a ministerial expulsion order against this radical ‘imam’ who made unacceptable remarks and he was the subject of a home visit and an arrest.

“Without the immigration law, this would not have been possible. Firmness is the rule.”

Per the expulsion order seen by the conservative newspaper Le Figaro, Imam Mahjoubi was accused of advocating for a panoply of extremist causes. The state accused him of promoting terrorism, and advocating a “literal, retrograde, intolerant and violent conception of Islam”. The Imam is also alleged to have discriminated against women and fermented tensions with the Jewish community.


There you go.

The new immigration law was passed explicitly to address the issue of Moslems getting aggressive with the Jews because of the Gaza situation. They are doing something similar in Germany.

You criticize the Jews, and you’re arrested and on a plane in 12 hours.

I guess if we want to get all these brown people out of our countries, we need to make them antisemitic.

You’re gonna need a lot of planes