France: Major Controversy Ensues After Teacher Shows Moslems Nude Renaissance Painting

France’s education minister, who is a Jew, says Moslems have to look at boobies because French values or something

There are actually modern arguments against these nude paintings.

People think because they’re old, and they’re Christian, they must be fine, but they were controversial and still are if you’re talking to certain people, including the Moslems.

France 24:

Education Minister Gabriel Attal visited the Jacques-Cartier middle school in Issou, west of Paris, in person on Monday and later said the pupils concerned would be disciplined.

On Thursday, “during a French class, a colleague showed a 17th-century painting that showed naked women”, said Sophie Venetitay, secretary general of the Snes-FSU secondary school teachers’ union.

The painting, “Diana and Actaeon” by the Italian painter Giuseppe Cesari, portrays a Greek mythology story in which the hunter Actaeon bursts in at a site where the goddess Diana and her nymphs are bathing.

The work, which shows a naked Diana and four female companions, is held at the Louvre museum in Paris.

“Some students averted their gaze, felt offended, said they were shocked,” Venetitay said, adding that “some also alleged the teacher made racist comments” during a class discussion.

A pupil’s parent sent an email to the school director saying that his son was prevented from speaking during that discussion and that he would file a complaint, she said.

She said it was the “final straw” for teachers at the school, who had complained of a “very degraded climate” as well as a “lack of support” from management despite “several alerts”.


Attal said that a disciplinary procedure would be launched “against the students who are responsible for this situation and who have also admitted the facts”.

A team would also be deployed to the school to ensure it adhered to the “values of the republic”, he said.

The tensions come after a series of attacks against teachers in recent years.

Yeah, cry me a river.

It’s difficult, because in so many of these situations now it feels like you’re being asked to side with the Jews or with the Moslems that Jews flooded us with.

The trick is: just always be against the Jews. No matter what. You’ll be right. If you end up seeming like you are defending the Moslem immigrants, don’t think too much about it.

The only reason for Moslem immigrants is Jews, and when the Jews are gone, we will give Palestine back to the Moslems and make a deal to get these people out of our countries.

It’s really the most tricky of all Jewish tricks: “oy vey, goyim, you’d better side with us against these people we brought into your country to overrun you!”

It’s very clever.

It’s not super complicated on an intellectual level, but it’s emotional for people.

What’ll happen to all those nudes when Moslems are a majority in France?