Illegal Border Crossings Surging in Remote Areas as White House Considers Limiting Asylum

So it’s almost the election year, right?

So Biden is now saying there are too many immigrants, okay?

Everyone knows there are too many immigrants. It’s like the apocalypse. But no one wants to say it, because they’ve created a climate of fear around the issue. Anyone who says “hey, there sure are a lot of poor brown people crowded on the streets of American cities, huh?” is pure evil.

But Democrat voters know enough is enough.

New York Post:

Hundreds of dates are written on concrete-filled steel columns erected along the US border with Mexico to memorialize when the Border Patrol has repaired illicit openings in the would-be barriers.

Yet no sooner are fixes made than another column is sawed, torched and chiseled for large groups of migrants to enter, usually with no agents in sight.

The breaches stretch about 30 miles on a washboard gravel road west of Lukeville, an Arizona desert town that consists of an official border crossing, restaurant and duty-free shop.

The repair dates are mostly since spring, when the flat desert region dotted with saguaro cactus became the busiest corridor for illegal crossings.

A Border Patrol tour in Arizona for news organizations, including The Associated Press, showed improvements in custody conditions and processing times, but flows are overwhelming.

Chaotic scenes, including when daily arrivals averaged more than 7,000 across the border a week in December, are catnip for conservatives in Congress who want major limits on asylum.

The numbers have nudged the White House and some congressional Democrats to consider major limits to asylum as part of a deal for Ukraine aid.

As Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas left closed-door talks with congressional leaders Friday, dozens of migrants from Senegal, Guinea and Mexico walked along the Arizona border wall built during Donald Trump’s presidency, looking to surrender to agents.

Smuggling organizations remove a few inches from the bottom of 30-foot (9.1-meter) steel poles, which agents say can take as little as a half-hour. Columns sway back and forth, like a cantilever swing, creating ample space for large groups to walk through.

Welders often attach metal bars horizontally across several columns to prevent swinging, but there are plenty of other places to see.

Agents say it takes up to an hour to drive from Lukeville along the gravel road to discover breaches — a large chunk of time when tending to so many migrants in custody.

“Our officers and agents are responding to large groups of migrants, which means that some of our agents aren’t on the line, not really monitoring for some of those cuts,” said Troy Miller, US Customs and Border Protection’s acting commissioner. “If we don’t have anybody to respond, then you’re going to see what you’re seeing.”

The number of daily arrivals is “unprecedented,” Miller said, with illegal crossings topping 10,000 some days across the border in December.

Senegalese people accounted for more than 9,000 arrests in Tucson from Oct. 1 to Dec. 9, while arrests of people from Guinea and India each topped 4,000. Agents have encountered migrants from about four dozen Eastern hemisphere countries.

Here’s the fact: the government has now totally erased the concept that the American people have “interests.” We don’t hear about that anymore. It’s all just moral imperatives. We are morally obligated to the immigrants, morally obligated to the Ukrainians and the Jews, and on and on.

There is never any discussion of the concerns of the American people, unless it is economic, and that is very limited.