France: Papa Le Pen Taking His Aberrant Daughter to Court

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2015

Following his suspension from the party at the whim of his daughter after he made some hilarious public comments about the stupid Jew hoax, Jean-Marie Le Pen has decided to sue the sneaky bitch.


Le Pen, 86, is in an intense feud with his daughter Marine, who now leads the party and wants to distance herself from her father’s extremist views as she eyes the French presidency.

Jean-Marie Le Pen is in court Friday in Nanterre west of Paris for a special fast-track case, according to French television and radio. He says the party’s decision in April to suspend him because of anti-Semitic remarks violated procedures because of his special role as honorary president of the National Front.

The party is planning to let members vote in the coming weeks on whether to abolish his president-for-life title.

This is what happens when you put women in charge. Remember that.