France: Police Investigate Increasing Number of Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Certificates

Up until 2020, America was still a legitimate law and order country. Cracks were showing, but for the most part, rules existed. It’s clearly not a law and order country anymore, and is now a total circus, but much of the machinery remains in place.

Because we still have the vestiges of law and order, it is difficult for the government to actually say that faking a vaccine certificate is illegal. They have suggested that it might be, and they’ve prosecuted people for selling them under false pretexts, but it’s still unclear if it would actually be illegal for someone to go on a CDC website and print the PDF of the card and write their name on it.

I just checked and the most recent thing I can find on it is from August 11, with a local Indiana official saying it’s illegal to produce them, but they only refer back to the March statement from the FBI saying it could be illegal.

Regardless, no one in America has gotten prosecuted for making a fake one for personal use.

That said, I would not recommend it to anyone, but people are going to do what they have to do.

The problem is Europe doesn’t have any law and order, so the government can just do whatever. In France, they have a high-tech vaxx pass system with everyone’s health records tied to it, so the only way to fake a vaxx pass is to hack the doctor’s mainframe.

The Guardian:

Police in France are investigating a series of Covid-19 vaccine certificate scams after several doctors reported having their health service accounts hacked.

In the latest incident, one of several forgery rackets under investigation, fraudsters gained access to the online account of a GP near Bordeaux and obtained 55 false documents. Another doctor in Marseilles reported being similarly hacked, and others have told the authorities that there had been attempts to access their accounts.

France’s health authority has reported a growing number of forged certificates, with 46 incidents under police investigation since May. The forgers are also producing fake negative Covid-19 tests.

Several hackers have been put under investigation in recent weeks in Paris, Grenoble and Bordeaux. At the end of last month, a vaccine centre contract worker was jailed after he was found to have generated 200 false QR codes.

Don’t you understand the word “must,” goy? 

Two weeks ago, two women who had been working at a vaccine centre at Bordeaux were arrested and accused of selling fake certificates for between €80 and €150 each. They are being investigated for “fraud, profiting from fraud, and passive corruption” and face up to three years in prison and fines of up to €45,000 if convicted.

Those who bought the fakes are facing fines of up to €2,000.

Health pass fraud is very serious and is severely punished. Nobody should be cheating with the vaccine,” a local deputy prefect, Martin Guespereau, told journalists.

In a Paris vaccination centre, a nurse was reportedly caught issuing fake certificates. She allegedly told police she had been handing out approximately a dozen forgeries every day for a month.

Aside from never encouraging anything on this website that I believe could potentially be illegal, I also avoid encouraging vaxx fakery because even if you are using a fake pass, you’re still going along with the system. Fake passes are still passes, and you still look like you’re cooperating.

Obviously, people in certain circumstances I can understand using a fake, but in general, the policy should be complete refusal to cooperate with the vaxx pass system. Certainly, I would never approve of someone getting a fake pass so he could go into a discotheque or café.