France Registers Lowest Number of Births Since WW2

“The system” admits that women’s liberation has decimated the birthrate. They give the same explanations for that as are given by Andrew Anglin.

Meanwhile, they oscillate back and forth between saying it’s good that the birthrate is low because that will change the weather and claiming that the stupid whites selfishly stopped breeding and that means they have to be flooded with immigrants.

They say all this while separately saying that AI is going to replace anywhere between 40% and 70% of all jobs in the West.

The government/media just bombards people with all these conflicting narratives, and doesn’t even note that they are conflicting.

The real truth is that a higher birthrate would be better, but because of AI/automation, we don’t need immigrants in order to keep the economy the same size. Further, we don’t actually need to keep the economy the same size, because the machine age technically created a “post-scarcity” world in like, 1952. Modern economies are really just a scam to give people something to do, given that all of their basic survival needs (food, shelter, heat) are already necessarily met.


France saw the lowest number of births since World War Two last year, the national statistics agency INSEE said, in a blow to its traditionally strong demographic profile.

France registered 678,000 births last year, representing a decrease of 7% from 2022 and down 20% since peaking in 2020, INSEE said in its annual census report.

What percentage were Moslems/blacks?

No one knows, because it’s illegal to keep those statistics in France. I would guess probably around 85%, conservatively.

White French girls just want to dance around and get fucked, maybe eat the occasional hot chip.

The country has for decades been an outlier compared to other European countries, avoiding a collapse in birth rates as seen in Germany, Italy and Spain.

It’s because they have more immigrants, lol.

But give me a different reason.

Demographers have traditionally put this down to France’s generous health and childcare system as well as tax breaks and other benefits for having children, especially three or more.

Oh, frick you.

I’m so tired of people lying through their teeth right in my face.

The only way to estimate the data is based on sickle cell screening, which shows 40+% of France was nonwhite as of 2018.

In 2006 (which is nearly two decades ago), a non-government study said that 45% of Paris was nonwhite.

France did this mass immigration program first. That’s why they have a higher birthrate. This is obvious on its face.

The INSEE study also claimed people would have liked to have had more children, but didn’t.

While people are having fewer children, pro-family Unis pour les Familles says that the decline does not mean people want fewer children but rather conditions are not necessarily good.

In an Opinionway poll of 11,000 people for the association, two-thirds who did not have children said that they wanted to while one out of five parents said they would have liked more children.

The most common reasons people gave for not having more children were concerns about the economic, social and climatic outlook, cited by 30% of those polled. Some 28% said raising children cost too much.

All white women say they want children “someday.” What a white woman says she “wants” is the most irrelevant thing in the universe.

The immigrants view children as always a positive thing, regardless of conditions, and always assume there will be food and shelter (which there will be, because we live in post-scarcity and have for nearly a century). Immigrant children give money to their parents, so the children are looked as investments, even in bad economic conditions, war, crisis, whatever. As we’ve seen in Africa, blacks will have kids during a famine.


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