China: Population Drops for Second Year in a Row

The China population decline shows that it’s not just the Jews that are the problem: whenever you give women the right to make choices, they will begin destroying society in various ways, so they can live out their sexual fantasies.

(Yes, China also had that “one child” thing for a while, which created a sex ratio imbalance, but that’s not what is causing this. Liberated Chinese women are refusing to marry and have kids.)

Thankfully, China has a leader who cares about the people, and he’s moved in recent years to crush feminism and push for these sluts to get pregnant young and fill the nation with people.


China, which once sought to control population growth with its one-child policy, is now facing the opposite problem.

China’s population dropped by 2 million people in 2023 in the second straight annual drop as births fell and deaths jumped after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, the government said Wednesday.

The number of deaths rose by 690,000 to 11.1 million, more than double last year’s increase. Demographers were expecting a sharp rise in deaths because of COVID-19 outbreaks that started at the end of the previous year and continued through February of last year.

The total population stood at 1.4 billion, the statistics bureau said. China, long the most populated country in the world, dropped into second place behind India in 2023, according to United Nations estimates.

The number of births fell for the seventh year, reflecting a fall in the birth rate that is a long-running economic and societal challenge for China. The population is aging steadily, which could slow economic growth over time and challenge the nation’s ability to provide for a larger elderly population with fewer workers.

The number of births fell by 540,000, which was less than in previous years. About 9 million babies were born in 2023, half of the total in 2016. All the figures are estimates based on surveys and do not include Hong Kong and Macao. China conducts a full census every 10 years.

The point is: it’s women who make the choice to stop having kids.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned here: the media keeps talking about a “China demographic crisis” – often calling it a “demographic time bomb” – and this is all bullshit. The actual population drop is not even relevant to anything. It’s very small. China is a very big country, and they are going to employ automation to ensure that a slight shrink in the population means nothing.

Further: the whole supposed issue with the population shrinking is that there won’t be money to pay for old people. In that situation, any country can simply cut the social benefits for old people and tell them to go live with their children. Old people won’t overthrow the government. Pensions are a luxury, and if hard times actually came, they would be the first luxury to go.

I don’t think China will get to that point, but if they did, they are not a bunch of white retards obsessed with ensuring old people live in lavish luxury. They would side with the young men, who are the only people who could actually overthrow a government anyway.