France: Schoolgirl Admits She was Lying About Teacher Who Ended Up Beheaded for Insulting Islam

Remember that French guy who got his head clean chopped for insulting Islam in a French school?

Well, it turns out the girl who said he insulted Islam just made it up.


The schoolgirl who claimed a teacher asked Muslim students to leave the lesson before displaying obscene caricatures of Prophet Mohammed as part of his freedom-of-speech class lied about being there to avoid parental punishment.

The unnamed 13-year-old girl, whose story was deemed offensive by many Muslims, effectively set off a chain of events leading to teacher Samuel Paty’s gruesome murder in October 2020, having apparently admitted to lying about being present in the controversial class, according to her lawyer.

The girl hadn’t even been at school in the Paris suburb on the day history and geography teacher Paty supposedly showed the obscene images to the class, her lawyer Mbeko Tabula told the AFP news agency on Monday. Her name has not been made public due to her age.

“She lied because she felt trapped in a spiral, as her classmates had asked her to be a spokesperson,” Tabula explained, without making it clear for whom or what she was supposed to be speaking.

The story, with all its controversial details, blew up after being shared on Facebook by her father. The reaction to the claims was swift and vicious. Paty soon began receiving death threats and was subject to a coordinated hate campaign by Islamic extremists both domestically and abroad, ultimately culminating in the 47-year-old’s murder by a complete stranger who had lived in France as a refugee after his Chechen family emigrated there.

The 18-year-old killer, Abdullakh Anzorov, allegedly paid several students to help him identify Paty, followed him as he walked out of the school, and murdered and beheaded him in a street nearby.

The girl’s bombshell confession first appeared as a report in Le Parisien on Sunday. The newspaper said the girl was not in the class because of her “bad behavior,” and suggested she was motivated to cover up her failure to attend classes so as not to upset her father.

Presumably the girl is black, given that she has a black lawyer.

I don’t remember if her identity was ever revealed, but whatever.

She made up a dramatic story to get attention, which is something that women of all races do, and her attention led to someone getting his head chopped off.

This is the entire microcosm of society: women involving foreigners in their bizarre psychodrama.

We can say “it’s all so tiresome,” but I feel like saying “it’s all so predictable.”