France Starts Fund for Embassies to Promote Anal Rights

The number one purpose of a country’s foreign policy is to promote gay anal fisting all over the world.

Finally, countries are realizing this, and taking very serious action.

France 24:

Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna made the announcement at the 15th anniversary of an LGBTQ group at the United Nations at the start of the annual General Assembly.

The fund of two million euros ($2.1 million dollars) will be used “for our embassies to support those who are defending LGBTQ rights on a daily basis around the world, sometimes at risk to their lives,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre said.

Catherine Colonna

France last year became one of a small number of countries to appoint an ambassador dedicated to LGBTQ rights.

The US has also done it.

These are the countries that lead the world.

They are leading it into an anus.

Video from a year ago, when the Jewess prime minister announced an ambassadorship specifically for anal rights