Serious Story of Anne Frank (Seriously Not Even Funny)

Last week, I wrote an article about some Anne Frank gibberish, and I included some jokey language which is not precisely correct. In particular, the alleged diary was not “largely written” in ballpoint pen, it was “largely edited” in ballpoint pen, with notes and additions added in ballpoint pen.

The ballpoint thing is a bit of a meme, but I don’t want to be accused of misrepresenting the truth, or have people repeat something that isn’t exactly correct, so I feel I need to clarify.

(In general, I probably need to be more clear about what is true and what is jokes/hyperbole/satire, as the difference is sometimes a bit esoteric, as in this case.)

Basically, several people who thought the diary was fake complained that the manuscripts – there are two of them, because while hiding from Nazi killers, this 13-year-old Jew girl was editing her materials for publishing – had been partially written in ballpoint, and the court decided that her father just cleaned up the manuscripts before publishing using a ballpoint pen. In theory, her father heavily editing the diary for publication doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake.

In 2021, the full handwritten manuscript was finally published online for anyone to look at, and it does have consistent handwriting.

As far as the level of editing/additions by her father that they admit to: Otto Frank is legally the co-author of the book. The Jews claim he is not really the co-author, they just said that because they are greedy and wanted to hold onto the copyright. (That whole part of the story is very strange.)

The story is that Anne’s father, Otto Frank, found the text when he went to the attic she was living in after the war. He just found it laying there. Then, it made him very rich. Before Sandy Hook, he definitely had the record for making the most money off of a dead child (*implying anyone died at Sandy Hoax*). There is no proof that the diary was authentic, and there is no way that there could be proof. I don’t think it is real, because it is just a little too convenient, and the writing is not something that you would expect from a 13-year-old girl. But again, the ballpoint thing is not really a killshot.

When the Jews claim the diary is real, they claim that a court found that the handwriting is the same throughout the manuscripts. However, there is no writing sample from Anne to compare it to. Conveniently, they do not have any of her school assignments or anything of that nature to use as a baseline for her handwriting.

It comes down to whether or not you believe her Jew father found and then heavily edited a real diary, and if you believe that Anne thought the diary would be published and therefore wrote two separate manuscripts. I don’t believe that, but someone could believe that, and it wouldn’t make the Holocaust true.

Ultimately, I have to just say: attacking Anne Frank’s diary as a fraud is not the best way to attack the Holocaust as a fraud. There are too many other aspects to focus on, and really, all you’re saying is: “I don’t believe her father, even though this story is technically plausible.” Many, many other stories from the Holocaust narrative are not plausible.

What’s more: whether or not the diary is real (again, they only claim it is partially real, since they say it is heavily edited to the point of a co-author credit by her father), it is obviously used as an emotional tool to manipulate schoolchildren into believing in the Holocaust narrative, when even if the book is taken totally straightforwardly, it does not prove a Holocaust.

I think it’s funny to say the Anne Frank diary is fake and to keep bringing up ballpoint pens, but this is not really a serious argument, and I think in my previous piece, I probably didn’t make the jokes clear enough for the people who don’t know the full background here.

This is the joke:

Me: “Anne Frank’s Diary is fake.”

Them: “OMG how can you say this blasphemy???”

Me: “Well, for starters, it’s written in ballpoint pen.”

Them: “OMG no, her father only edited it ballpoint pen and added some parts.”

Me: “Did he add the part about her being a lesbian?”

Them: “OMG I don’t know if he added that part specifically.”

Me: “It would be pretty weird if he did though, right?”

Them: “No.”

As far as Otto being sued for copyright violation over the diary, that claim is also sort of wrong. Otto commissioned a play to be written based on the diary, because he was trying to max out his typhus child corpse profits, and then he refused to pay the guy he hired to write the play, and was sued and forced to pay the writer $50,000. The man suing him was not claiming to be the writer of the diary itself, but of a play based on it. This speaks to the character and business practices of Otto Frank, but does not prove anything else.

In serious Holocaust denial, it’s much better to focus on the testimony from the Nuremberg Trials, because that is what the Nazis were convicted on, and this is considered official, legally proved history. Even stuff like “I escaped the masturbation machines and then was raised by wolves” is not hard proof the Holocaust is a hoax, because that was written in memoirs that were never used in a court, and when you get down in the weeds with these Jews, they will say: “Well, of course a lot of Jews wrote fake books about the Holocaust to make money.”

The Nuremberg testimony is the official story, which they tried and executed people based on, and that is all demonstrably retarded and fake.

The Nuremberg Trials are relevant these days, as it was the first time in the history of the Western legal system (going back to Ancient Greece and even Sumer) that people were convicted of serious crimes without any physical evidence, based solely on “eyewitness testimony.” This is what is now happening with the rape hoaxes (Weinstein, Masterson, soon-to-be Brand).

Here’s one of my favorite documentaries on the Holocaust hoax, which includes a lot about the Nuremberg Trials and the stories that were told there:

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, the Holocaust Handbooks series is where you want to start.


The bottom line is: there was no systematic plan to “exterminate the Jews.” A lot of Jews died, and at some point during the end of the war, some people from the German military might have just been killing Jews “because seriously, fuck these people.” At least, you can’t totally disprove that this wasn’t happening on the Eastern front. If it was happening, the scale was irrelevant, and also, all kinds of people got killed during that war.

The hero of the Ukraine, Stefan Bandera, was openly attempting a genocide against Polish peasants in the Ukraine, just going to farms and slaughtering people for no reason. This is a guy the US backs as a hero (while sometimes also falsely claiming he was a Nazi, which he definitely was not). So, that’s a lot worse than Germans killing Jews who maybe hadn’t been convicted of being partisans, because they were likely (or considered to be likely) to become partisans and attack the rear flank. If that even happened, which isn’t really proved.

Fake shower room gas chambers are a hoax, just like electric floor chambers and diesel engine smoke chambers. Also, however many Jews died, there was no “systematic extermination” plan. Also, the Red Cross numbers are real, the Jewish census numbers are real. There is too much real stuff to focus too much on questionable material surrounding ballpoint pens.

Of course, it probably doesn’t even matter, because even if the Holocaust did happen, it’s like, “okay, well, and?”

The Jews will also never try to explain why everyone is always trying to exterminate them, which seems like a pretty relevant question, when they are going around claiming this constantly. I mean, if one of your friends comes to you and tells you that everywhere he goes, people are trying to kill him, before asking for proof of the claim, you’re going to ask “why?” If his answer is “for no reason,” then there are a lot of other questions that come up, following two paths:

  • Is this real?
  • If it is real, what did you do to make all these people want to kill you?

It is only the Jews that can get away with “everywhere I go, people are trying to kill me for no reason.”


Anne Frank died of typhus.