France: Study Finds People Not Having Sex Anymore

No white people are having sex anymore, including the French.

It’s key to the collective racial death of white people.

Daily Mail:

France’s reputation as a nation of lovers is so renowned that they even have a kiss named after them.

But research suggests the country is going through something of a dry spell – with one in four adults having had no sexual encounters in the past year.

A study revealed a noticeable decline in sex, particularly among young adults who are turning to television or video games instead of intimacy with their partners.

The survey of 1,911 respondents found that 24 per cent of French adults aged 18 to 69 reported no sex in the previous 12 months, compared with only 9 per cent in 2006.

Wait, from 24% to 9% in less than 20 years?

This is a full collapse of sexual activity.

This is the featured image that IFOP used for this study

You’d wonder how this is sustainable.

The answer, of course, is that Arabs in France are having a lot of sex.

The number of 18 to 24-year-old virgins increased from 5 per cent in 2006 to 28 per cent. Observers suggested the study reflects the fact that women, in particular, are less inclined to feel obliged to have sex with partners simply out of marital duty, as was more common in previous generations.

Francois Kraus, from pollster IFOP, noted a decline in social pressure to maintain an active sex life, with 12 per cent of respondents identifying as asexual – having no desire.

Mr Kraus put this change down to women’s increased financial autonomy, enabling them to assert their right to decline sexual encounters they are not interested in.

If women are only having “sexual encounters” that they are “interested in,” you’re going to have all women having sex with a very small number of men, and most men having no sex at all.

It’s just the basic natural order that women trade sex for money. That’s what prostitution is and it is what marriage is. Sex is the only thing a woman has to offer, because in a natural situation, only men can work and make money.

When the government creates fake jobs for women, and gives women free money, women no longer have any reason to have sex – unless they are compelled to do so by cultural reasons, as is the case with the Moslems.

Women may, under these circumstances, have casual sex with very high status men, or they may completely abstain from sex. Either way, they will totally destroy civilization.

You create a situation where men, knowing they can’t have a wife and kids (and might not even be able to have sex at all), don’t even have a reason to try to work and build a career. At that point, they might as well just play video games.

In France, young white men will probably start converting to Islam, because, among other things, Islam offers them sex. Moslems are aware that sexlessness is incompatible with the survival of mammals.

Just so, it should be easily understood that those who liberate women, and thereby force sexlessness on civilization, are purposefully trying to destroy civilization.

Feminists are too busy to have children