France Wants to Sue Apple for Planned Obsolescence

If France has laws against planned obsolescence, they should just ban all consumer electronics and go back to the 1980s.

Apple is possibly the worst offender, but every company is doing this. There is no real reason an iPhone from 2015 shouldn’t be fine today, and yet no one, not even the most thrifty, are walking around with 2015 iPhones.


The Paris Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into Apple’s alleged efforts to render its own devices obsolete in order to force users to upgrade. The complaint follows successful judgments against the California tech giant in France and Italy.

“Following a complaint, an investigation was opened in December 2022 into deceptive marketing practices and programmed obsolescence,” the office said in a statement on Monday, adding that the complaint was filed by an activist group called ‘Halte a L’Obsolescence Programmee’ (HOP).

The group’s complaint centers around the practice of ‘serialization’, whereby spare parts like microchips or speakers are matched with serial numbers to a specific generation of iPhone. This prevents third-party repairers from using generic parts, and as models are phased out by Apple, so too are the associated spares, forcing customers to shell out for a newer model.

Apple, HOP claims, can detect when a phone has been repaired with unauthorized parts and can remotely “degrade” its performance.

Apple could have been the single best American company.

Steve Jobs was hardcore. He’s demonized now, like, “he was evil for having a strong work ethic and expecting his extraordinarily well-paid employees to perform well.”

The reality is, he was a lot more of a serious person than any of these other assholes in Silicon Valley.

He did some things people might consider shady, with tricks to get people into the Apple “ecosystem.” But he wouldn’t have run these stupid scams that Rim Cook is running. He would have actually innovated, and expanded the company, rather than leaving it as a cellphone company that maybe also sells a couple of laptops.

Rim Cock designs these phones to break when they drop, then refuses to allow you to repair them. It’s a criminal conspiracy. There is no reason you would design a phone to break easily, and there is no reason you would refuse to allow it to be repaired – unless you were a homosexual criminal.

Apple is not even doing AI. Siri is still at the level she was at in 2016. The bitch is always confused. ChatGPT isn’t confused, is he?

It’s absurd.

The French are a group of people who would probably prefer to go back to the 1980s. If their government was even remotely serious, they would just ban all consumer electronics.