Gaza Dying from Dehydration as Jews Continue to Blockade Water

The Jews said they were going to invade Gaza.

But they are cowards.

It’s much easier to simply blockade Gaza, prevent the people from getting food and water, bomb them indiscriminately, and just let the 2 million people there die.

That now appears to be the plan, even as they continue to claim they are going to invade at some point.

The Guardian:

Fears are growing that people in Gaza are beginning to dehydrate to death as clean water runs out, while Israeli airstrikes continue to pound the Palestinian territory of 2.3 million residents amid a total blockade on food, electricity, medicine and fuel.

The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, said on Tuesday that Gaza’s last seawater desalination plant had shut down, bringing the risk of further deaths and waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Six water wells, three water pumping stations and one water reservoir – which collectively served more than 1.1million people – are also out of action, it said.

Israel cut off its sole water pipeline to Gaza, along with the fuel and electricity that power water and sewage plants, in the wake of the Hamas attacks that killed 1,400 people. UN experts have condemned the Israeli bombardment and blockade as “collective punishment”, which is a war crime.

After 16 years of a joint Israeli-Egyptian blockade, imposed after Hamas seized control of the exclave in 2007, clean water was already one of the most pressing concerns in the strip. Almost 97% of the water in Gaza’s sole aquifer is not potable; without proper maintenance and with Israeli restrictions on imports and electricity, sewage treatment plants were overwhelmed years ago. Untreated waste has flowed directly into the Mediterranean for more than a decade.

Now, desperate civilians find themselves consuming the contaminated tap water, or digging new wells too close to the sea to drink and use dirty, salty water. “People are trying to fetch water out of dangerous places, like the wells at mosques. In fact, children were killed [by airstrikes] while trying to drink water at a mosque a week ago,” said Jamil al-Meqdad, a writer and researcher in Gaza City.

“Water for daily use, washing, dishwashing etc was completely cut because there is no electricity for generators to pump water … And the water truck only comes about once every three days, so no one can get enough. The only remaining water is being distributed in small amounts so that each person can have a small share.”

Access to at least 50 litres of water per person per day is the minimum level set by the World Health Organization. Most people in Gaza are now believed to be surviving on three, the UN says.

Dehydration quickly leads to fatigue, dizziness and confusion before organs such as the kidneys shut down, causing coma and death. Severe dehydration must be treated quickly for patients to recover: it can cause permanent brain and other organ damage.

Water access is crucial for sanitation and hospitals. “Water is needed to ensure sanitary conditions on inpatient wards, in operation rooms, and emergency departments. It is essential for the prevention of hospital associated infections and for the prevention of outbreaks,” the WHO said.

They won’t let anyone give them water.

This is a weapon.

It’s a really easy, very cowardly way to commit mass murder.

Letting women and children die of dehydration is a lot easier than sending in your diaper-wearing IDF faggots to go toe-to-toe with the jihadists.

The problem, dear Jews, is that the entire world is watching this. The entire Moslem world is watching this.

People are getting angrier and angrier.

There are 1.5 billion Moslems on this earth, Jews.

Do you think Uncle Sam can hold them all off if they decide to Zerg Rush you?

Iran says they’re preparing operations in Lebanon while you are sitting there, claiming you’ll invade at some point, and inexplicably continuing to not invade.

It’s looking like you’re going to have Hell to pay.

They breached your borders once.

Do you think they can’t do it again?

With the full backing of Iran and Hezbollah, do you Jews think they can’t cross your borders again?

Do you think feeding them endless amounts of outrage is going to make them more or less motivated?

Who is planning this?

Why would you bomb a hospital the day you’re supposed to meet with Joe Biden and get some kind of US backup?

You don’t appear to be behaving in a sane manner, Jews.

Maybe try to relax?