Canada: Government to Start Offing Junkies in “Euthanasia” Mass Murder Scam

Holy shit, Sargon of Akkad was right.

I agree with leftists that junkies should be mercilessly murdered by the government. I 100% supported the thousands of extrajudicial killings of drug addicts done in the Philippines under President Rody Duterte, and supported Trump joking about how he needed to come over to America and show us how to deal with drugs, except I supported it literally, not as a joke, and the US government actually using death squads to kill junkies.

Now, the government of Canada is enforcing this policy?

“Horseshoe theory” is proven 100% correct.

We just need to dig in, and the far-left is going to start doing all the far-right things we want them to do.

Based on the now proved accuracy of horseshoe theory – which means that the far right and far left naturally meet at their extremes – Justin Trudeau’s next move is going to be either “no niggers allowed – ever” or “arm and train Hamas.”

Our far-right dreams are coming true in far-left Canada, folks.

Daily Caller:

Canada is on track to expand its medical assistance in dying (MAID) law in March to include those suffering from substance abuse disorder, according to VICE.

Canada’s MAID program came into effect in 2016 and was originally designed to allow those suffering from a “grievous and irremediable medical condition” to be administered drugs which assist in suicide. Under the current rules, the patient must be in an “advanced state of decline which cannot be reversed” to be administered the drugs.

Bill C-314, which was proposed in Canadian parliament by conservative MP Ed Fast, would have amended the criminal code to ensure mental illness could not be considered an eligible condition for MAID. The bill was defeated in the House of Commons Wednesday by a 167-150 vote, allowing the exclusion of mental illness eligibility to expire on March 17, 2024.

“It’s not fair to exclude people from eligibility purely because their mental disorder might either partly or in full be a substance use disorder. It has to do with treating people equally,” Dr. David Martell, physician lead for Addictions Medicine at Nova Scotia Health, told VICE.

“I just think that MAID when it has entered the area around mental health and substance use is really rooted in eugenics, ” Toronto-based harm reduction advocate Zoë Dodd told VICE. “There are people who are really struggling around substance use and people do not actually get the kind of support and help they need.”



Aryan-communist-anarcho-fascist overlord.

Put that in your Bing! image generator and smoke it, because you can take it to the bank.

I keep looking at the clock, because in five minutes, Trudeau is going to announce he’s extended MAID to “faggots, niggers, and fat, nasty whores.”

Fifteen minutes after that, he’s going to announce: “We’ve decided to just go ahead and kill everyone.”