Gaza Kid Survives Airstrike, Then Gets Killed by Airdrop

People attacked me when the airdrops killed people the first time and I said it was on purpose. I was actually joking, but there is some grain of truth there: these airdrops are very scarce and very sloppy, and they definitely don’t care if they kill people. The people they are dropping this food on are going to die anyway. At best, they are prolonging the starvation of a fraction of the Gaza population.

They know the people are starving and they know they’re all going to rush to try to get food. If they were doing more of these drops, on a massive scale, people wouldn’t be starving and they would not be running up to these very heavy pallets coming down out of the sky.

The Guardian:

When an Israeli airstrike destroyed his family’s home in November, Zein Oroq was pinned under rubble. He was wounded but survived, while 17 members of his extended family died.

But Zein, 13, would later suffer a cruel fate in Gaza, where more than 2 million people have endured more than six months of food shortages and malnutrition.

US officials have said that that famine is already beginning to take hold in parts of the besieged coastal strip, where Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas have been fighting for more than six months.

Last week, during an airdrop of aid, Zein was struck by one of the packages as he rushed to try to get a can of fava beans, some rice or flour.

While parachutes were falling, an aid box hit his head. Also, the stampede of people who were heading towards the box did not pay attention to the boy – they were also hungry,” said his father Mahmoud.

On 5 March, five people were killed and 10 injured when the parachute on a pallet of aid failed to open and it dropped to the ground, striking a group of people. On March 26, at least 12 people drowned while trying to reach an aid package that had landed in the sea off Gaza beach.

If these airdrops were actually doing something to help the people of Gaza, the Jews would be shooting them out of the air with missiles.

This is just a sick joke played on starving people.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.