Peace Talks Collapse as Baby-Killing Jews Resume Bombing Gaza

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

August 10, 2014

Israel has a right to defend itself.
Israel has a right to defend itself.

Israel on Saturday engaged in some serious bombing of people’s houses, and apparently killed a Hamas official as he was praying when they bombed his mosque. It now appears that the talks that the murderous Jews claimed they were willing to engage in are collapsing, and the Jews may not stop bombing Gaza until everyone is dead.


Talks aimed at securing a new truce for the Gaza Strip have been placed under severe pressure Sunday after both sides issued warnings.

Palestinian negotiators have said they will quit the talks altogether Sunday if Israel’s negotiators, who left Cairo Friday when the original 72-hour cease-fire expired, do not return. For their part, the Israeli side has said that they will not return unless rocket fire from Gaza is halted once again.

“Israel will not negotiate under fire,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, warning his country’s military campaign “will take time.”

Hamas refused to extend the temporary truce that helped launch the Cairo talks last week, saying it wants guarantees from Israel first that Gaza’s borders will open. Israel and Egypt have enforced the blockade, to varying degrees, since Hamas seized Gaza in 2007. Israel has said it will not open Gaza’s borders unless militant groups, including Hamas, disarm. Hamas has said handing over its weapons arsenal, which is believed to include several thousand remaining rockets, is inconceivable.

“If Hamas thinks it has worn us down, it is wrong,” Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said. “We will return to the table only after an end to the fire. … We are not intending to compromise.”

The diplomatic standoff, coupled with the ongoing cross-border attacks, signaled that a broader deal for battered Gaza, as envisioned by the international community, likely will remain elusive.

Various ideas have been raised to end Gaza’s isolation, including deploying international inspectors at all crossings to address Israeli security concerns about smuggling weapons and militants. Europe has floated the idea of a link between ports in Gaza and Cyprus, with inspectors at both ends checking people and cargo.

Palestinian officials have said that Israel has so far rejected such proposals.

Instead, one proposal circulated by the Egyptian mediators over the weekend offered an easing of some of the restrictions, according to Palestinian negotiators who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to discuss internal deliberations with journalists. It was not clear if this was an Egyptian or an Israeli proposal.

Palestinian negotiators said they rejected the ideas, insisting on a complete end to the blockade.

Gaza is and has been a concentration camp, while the Jews claim they are telling the people before they slaughter them and that Hamas doesn’t let civilians leave. Where are they supposed to go? They go to UN protected zones and get bombed there.

Callous as it is, I am actually thankful on some level this Jewish genocide is continuing. The whole world is seeing the true nature of the Jew, as pictures of murdered babies continue to flow through the tubes of the internet.

Palestinians in the rubble of the al Qassam mosque.
Palestinians in the rubble of the al Qassam mosque.

1,915 Palestinians have been killed, admittedly at least 75% being civilians. So far, three Israeli civilians have died.

Meanwhile, the Guardian is showing pictures of mourning Jews from 2012, claiming that people saying mean things about Jews in the West is a new type of holocaust.

Screenshot from 2014-08-10 08:02:41
Oy vey, the gas chambers must be on the way!

The Guardian typifies the Western media response to the Gaza situation: report Palestinian deaths as accidental or the fault of Hamas, talk continually about the poor suffering of the Jews in Europe who have to live in fear of mean words.