Bibi Passes Judicial Overhaul Bill After Months of Protests

Bibi is in control.

Except he’s also dying of heart disease.

A bittersweet victory.


Israel’s parliament on Monday ratified the first bill of a judicial overhaul sought by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after last-gasp compromise efforts collapsed and failed to ease a constitutional crisis convulsing the country for months.

The amendment to a law enabling the Supreme Court to void some government decisions if it deemed them “unreasonable” passed by a 64-to-0 vote after opposition lawmakers abandoned the session in protest, some of them shouting: “For shame!”

More deadlock loomed, however. Within minutes of the vote, a political watchdog group and the centrist opposition leader said they would appeal against the law at the Supreme Court.

Hoping to encourage a stopgap deal between the religious-nationalist coalition government and opposition parties, the Histadrut labour union threatened to declare a general strike if what it called “unilateral” measures were pursued.

I’ve started rooting for Bibi, just because everyone hates him.

I still think the US government should be funding Hamas…

But what if Bibi allied with Hamas against Joe Biden…?

Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about the internal struggles of the Jews.

Biggest protests ever though.

Bibi still won.