Gaza: WHO Says Jews Attacked 449 Healthcare Facilities

Please note: they could be airdropping MREs and gravity filters that can make very dirty water drinkable.

Here’s a video of a UN airdrop into Syria from 2016:

They’re not doing that, because the UN is actually run by the Jews. Of course they have to say “oh so sad.” But they won’t ever do anything.


The World Health Organization chief said on Sunday it will be all but impossible to improve the “catastrophic” health situation in Gaza even as the board passed an emergency WHO motion by consensus to secure more medical access.

Palestinian officials have also described a disastrous health situation in Gaza, where Israel’s assault has left most of the population homeless, with little electricity, food or clean water, and a medical system facing collapse.

The emergency action, proposed by Afghanistan, Qatar, Yemen and Morocco, seeks passage into Gaza for medical personnel and supplies, requires the WHO to document violence against healthcare workers and patients and to secure funding to rebuild hospitals.

I must be frank with you: these tasks are almost impossible in the current circumstances,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. Still, he commended countries for finding common ground, saying it was the first time any U.N. motion had been agreed by consensus since the conflict began.

General Tedros: You’ve seen him destroy the entire world over a fake virus that didn’t even exist. Now watch him squirm around and fail to help children being starved to death by Jews.

Tedros told the 34-member board in Geneva that medical needs in Gaza had surged and the risk of disease had grown, yet the health system had been reduced to a third of its pre-conflict capacity.

Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian politician who heads the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees with 25 teams working in Gaza, said: “Half of Gaza is now starving.”

Gaza hospitals have come under bombardment and some have been besieged or raided as part of Israel’s response to Hamas’ deadly Oct. 7 attacks. Hospitals that remain open are overwhelmed by the numbers of dead and wounded arriving and sometimes procedures are carried out without anaesthetics.

A WHO database shows there have been 449 attacks on healthcare facilities in Palestinian territories since Oct. 7, without assigning blame.

Yes, health facilities are one of the prime things they bomb.

They thought there were a bunch of Hamas bases in these hospitals. It turned out there weren’t, but it was an honest mistake by very honest people: the Jews.

You’ll never find folks more honest than the Jews.

If you look in history books, you’ll find that there is one thing the Jews are known for, above all else: honesty.