Angry Drivers Confront Jewish Protesters Who Shut Down Freeway During Rush Hour

You’ll notice that the same people who were paid to shill Ron DeSantis, such as Andy Ngo, are now shilling Israel directly.

No one actually supports Israel.

They will start supporting Israel though if the Jews keep doing these road-blocking protests. The Arabs are not blocking traffic when they protest against Israel, but Jews are. So. I think you know where I’m going with this.

The Jews are trying to gain support for Israel by blocking traffic in the name of Palestine.

New York Post:

Angry Los Angeles drivers got out of their cars to help police cart protesters off the highway during morning rush hour after they blocked it for hours.

Several drivers were seen getting into a scuffle with protesters — from the group IfNotNow LA, who were calling for a ceasefire in Gaza — who who defiantly sat in a line to halt the highway Wednesday morning.

Fed-up drivers screamed at protesters to move, ripping away their signs, and one man was even seen pinning another to the hood of a car in the southbound lane on the 110 Freeway, videos posted to social media shows.

You idiots are just hurting working people,” one frustrated driver yelled.

Yeah, well. Everyone gets that. If someone actually doesn’t get that, then there is no point in explaining it to them.

People going to work do not make US foreign policy. US foreign policy is made by Jews… who will also block your road in protest of you, ostensibly against their own policies.

The protest group describe themselves as “anti-Apartheid American Jews working to end our community’s support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine” and while occupying the highway, chanted in Hebrew, erected a seven-foot menorah and yelled: “Shut it down,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

They backed traffic up so far back, a mother and daughter were stuck at a red light leading to an on-ramp. The mother grew so frustrated that she threw her hands up and shouted: “Is it over? I’m in support of a cease-fire but we’re late,” The Times reported.

California Highway Patrol was notified of the standstill around 9 a.m. and started detaining protesters around 10 a.m., The Times reported.

Seventy-five protesters were taken into custody, being led to around two dozen police cars to be removed from the highway. They were arrested on suspicion of failing to comply with a dispersal order.

I know everyone is thinking: “Yeah but aren’t the global warming protesters who block roads genuine?” (Genuine in the sense that the government backs their agenda and is not trying to make them look bad?)

The global warming protests could actually be organized as false flags by energy companies. Regardless, everyone knows that the result of blocking traffic is that people will support whatever you are against. There is data on this.

Maybe the global warmers were being used as experiments so intelligence firms could gather data on a public response to different stimuli in the environment, and now the global warming true believers just copy things that they’ve seen others do.

I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter, because everyone is aware of the effects of stopping traffic, which is support for the opposite of your agenda.

The Arab protesters are not blocking traffic.

All of a sudden, while Israel is having a very public crisis, and Brandon is supposedly threatening to stop supporting the slaughter, the Jews decide they want to protest against their own country by blocking traffic, so that the New York Post and other Jewish papers could make this a top news story.

It hardly wild conspiracy-mongering to point out that this seems a bit suspect.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.