Gaza’s Hospitals Receiving New Wave of Injured Children as Jews Resume Genocide

The hospital is the last place you want to go if you’re injured in Gaza.

It’s the first place the Jews attack!


At Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza, a man cradling a boy with a bloodied scalp cried for help.

A girl who had arrived in an ambulance with an unconscious man missing the top of his left foot sobbed as a medic examined her eye.

A dazed boy, his face covered in blood, waited for treatment.

Barely two hours after the lapse of a week-old truce between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, Gaza’s Hamas-controlled health ministry reported that 32 people had already been killed in Israeli air strikes.

Reuters footage from Nasser Hospital, the second largest in the Gaza strip, showed a steady stream of wounded children and adults being brought in as other people wept outside beside bodies of loved ones killed in strikes.

Aid groups and the United Nations say a small fraction of health facilities in the devasted enclave are still functioning and those are in no shape to handle a new wave of casualties.

I didn’t even realize there were any more hospitals in Gaza. I thought the Jews took them all out.

I guess they wait for them to fill up with children with their legs blown off, and then that’s when they hit them and hit them hard.

I sure am glad the Jews are our greatest allies. I wouldn’t want to have a bunch of baby murderers who destroy hospitals as enemies.

No siree.