17-Year-Old Jew Woman Tells Story of How Hamas Let Her Keep Her Dog During Captivity

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bibi has her assassinated over this interview.

I’m serious.

The fact that Hamas is treating the Jew captives like human beings (even though they meet zero of the definitions of “human beings”) really breaks the entire narrative completely.

Bibi is trying to silence this all with this new “gang rape” hoax which the media is blasting everywhere (and which is actually having the opposite effect, because they admit there is no evidence and no girl, and the “angel face” bullshit just comes across as absurd).

New York Post:

An Israeli teenager who was freed from Hamas with her pet Shih Tzu said having her dog with her during her two months in captivity was a “huge help” since the pooch provided “moral support.”

Mia Leimberg, 17, who left Hamas captivity with her pet, Bella, in her arms in one of the most astonishing moments from the week-long cease-fire between Israel and the terrorist organization, said the pooch kept her occupied in Gaza.

“When we were there we had to feed her our leftovers,” the teen said.  “And we had to make sure that she doesn’t run wild where we were. We had to keep her so that she doesn’t go exploring and annoy anybody there.”

Leimberg said it was “difficult” to carry the small dog more than two miles after being released, but she considers herself “lucky enough that I managed to keep her through the whole situation and bring her back” to Jerusalem.

She also credits Bella’s calm temperament for helping her keep her dog safe in captivity, saying she didn’t think her captors would have let her keep the animal if they thought she was a “bother.”

“Luckily for me Bella is unlike all the other small dogs that I personally know, she is rather quiet, unless when she is playing or mad,” she said.

She also hid the dog under pajamas as they were being loaded into a vehicle to be driven out of the kibbutz to the hostage location. It wasn’t until they had reached the tunnels that the terrorists realized the animal wasn’t a dog.

When they came out of the tunnel they had to climb up a ladder, that’s when the Hamas people noticed that this was not a doll, it was a living, breathing dog,” her father, Moshe, said. “A bit of an argument ensued, and it was decided to let her keep the dog instead of leave it behind.”

After being released, her family was shocked to find her holding the dog. They had spent weeks looking for the little animal.

She’s fine. Totally fine. Not even traumatized. Same for the dog.

(The dog might look traumatized in this photo, but these “please cut my hair because I keep running into the wall” breeds always look like that.)

Meanwhile, the Breitbart kikes are explaining why the hostages, when released, all seemed totally fine by claiming, without evidence and without even a witness, that the hostages were drugged with tranquilizers before the release so they looked calm.

The best part of this whole war is reading the bizarre shit that Joel Pollak posts on Breitbart. It’s like taking bad acid.

Look at this:

(That’s no normal motorcycle, goy – that’s a terrorist motorcycle.)

Are there real life goyim reading this?

I guess the boomers still do.

It’s just unbelievable how goofy all this shit is.

Here’s the deal: there is no single piece of documentation that shows that anything Hamas did violates the Augustine concept of “just war.”