Geert Wilders to Display Muhammed Cartoons During Ramadan

Daily Stormer
June 18, 2015


Geert Wilders: troll of the millennium.

Morocco World News:

Dutch Anti-Islam Politician Geert Wilders announced on Wednesday that he will display cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on television airtime allocated to his political party.

The far right politician revealed his plan to dedicate television airtime allocated to his party to display controversial images of the prophet, in an effort to support those “who use the pen and not the sword,” he said.

In a move expressly intended to offend Muslims around the world, the anti-Islamic politician aimed at provoking Muslims again, despite the harsh criticism he has received for his “racist and Islamophobic” acts. He has been living under round-the-clock protection since 2004 because of death threats.

While no date has been set yet for the broadcasting of the cartoons, the anti-Islam lawmaker, whose Freedom Party holds 12 of the 150 seats in parliament’s lower house, and whose previous request to display the cartoons inside the parliament was turned down, vowed to show the cartoons on TV soon.

The announcement came a month after Wilders took part in cartoon depictions of the prophet in a contest in Garland, Texas,

This guy is purposefully trying to get bombed in order to demonstrate the nature of Moslems.

Is it smart? Is it hilarious?

Time shall tell.