German Jew Student Caught Demonstrating in India Against Anti-Moslem Citizenship Bill!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2019

Everywhere these people go you see them agitating for destructive policies aimed at worsening the lot of the natives and weakening the host country. Also, you see that Jews are actually quite fond of Islam and promote it wherever they go.


  • They bombed Serbia for the benefit of the Moslems.
  • They helped arm mountain-niggers to bleed Russia.
  • They created ISIS, which never attacks them.
  • They went down the list and toppled every single secular Arab dictator in the Middle East and encouraged the Moslem Brotherhood and other fundamentalist Sunni sects to take power in their countries.
  • They tried to smear the proud and noble people of Myanmar for judiciously dealing with the Rohingya invasion of their country.
  • They encourage mass migration of Mosloids into Europe and demand that the Europeans convert to Islam.

Now, they’re kvetching about Uighur terrorists being given a lesson in manners by the Chinese government and they have a big problem with the Indian government trying to do something about the Moslem minority within their borders.

India is in big trouble.


A German exchange student in India was deported from the country after participating in demonstrations against a new citizenship bill, local media reported. Indians have been raising alarm over foreigners joining the protests.

Jakob Lindenthal, a post-graduate student in physics at the Indian Institute of Technology (ITT) in Chennai, was allegedly ordered by immigration officials to leave India after he had joined in on anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) rallies.

During one protest, he told The Hindu newspaper that India was slowly creeping toward discriminatory policies, even if the government claims otherwise. Citing Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews, he noted that “In the beginning, [Germans] never know where it [would] all end.” 

Hopefully, Indian Hitler tracks this guy down and masturbates him to death before he subverts the whole country.

India is going to need a Hitler at the rate things are going. The Moslem issue is getting out of control and they are increasingly finding themselves the target of Globo-Homo efforts to faggify the population.

The Dresden native was summoned to Bureau of Immigration officials on Monday, where we was reportedly questioned on a range of topics, including his views on Indian politics and his stance on the ongoing protests.

Afterwards, Lindenthal was ordered to immediately leave India. He took a flight to Amsterdam hours later, local media reported. Officials inside the immigration department told media that it’s a violation of visa norms for foreigners to participate in political activities.

While many social media users expressed outrage over Lindenthal’s treatment, some argued that the student’s association with “left” organizations like Chinta Bar had ruined his future prospects.

I seriously doubt that lol.

The presence of other foreigners at the ongoing demonstrations has also sparked outrage on Twitter. 

The Indian is learning how to hate. The Jews want India to be fractured and divided. Any law that aims to do something to address the persistent Moslem minority problem within India will be wholeheartedly opposed by the Jews who try to promote multi-kulti and division wherever they go.

To have a concerted rebellion, you need a concert for the rebellion. 

The Jew fears homogeneous nations because only homogeneous nations are capable of resisting the Jews’ efforts to subvert society. Fundamentally, the Jew’s plan is to smash all nations and create a teeming goulash soup of humanity that can never rebel against their hegemony because they do not have a foundation to base their rebellion on.

It is remarkable just how consistently evil this behavior of theirs is.

The Jew is a literal biohazard to the entire planet. They must be stopped, and I for one would love to see Indians leading the charge against these vile kikes and their attempts to destroy India from within.