Germany: AfD Leader Loses His Bank Account

The whole situation is cartoonish.

Stalin didn’t take people’s bank accounts.

Of course, people will say “oh but Stalin did show trials tho” – yeah, okay. See January 6th prisoners and their sentences. See James Fields. See Derek Chauvin. See all these “hate speech” and “Holocaust denial” cases in Western Europe.

We are living in a very extreme tyranny. People should understand this.


A German member of parliament says his account with Deutsche Bank-owned Postbank has been closed for political reasons, claiming his being a politician from the right has made him a target for debanking.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) member of the Bundestag and party co-chairman Tino Chrupalla claims to have been debanked, telling national television: “On Friday my account was cancelled by Postbank because I am an AfD member”. This is part of a process of excluding and discrediting people outside the political mainstream, he claimed.

Postbank is owned by Deutsche Bank, one of the largest global banks. The AfD is a right-wing populist political party that campaigns on issues like mass migration, the European Union, and failures of the legacy political establishment. Critics say the party is racist and should be banned as unconstitutional.

German broadsheet newspaper Die Welt reports the comments of a Postbank spokesman, who stood behind client confidentiality to avoid discussing the case, but stated nevertheless they had the right to cancel any account they wanted to without having to give a reason.

The remarks were made in a television programme about the legacy of Communist East Germany, the GDR, in modern eastern Germany. Chrupalla said he was proud to be an Easterner but was concerned about recent political developments in Germany.

News magazine Focus reports the politician said he and others in eastern Germany were experiencing “déjà vu when it comes to bullying and freedom of expression: no longer being able to say what you think” and that, in Chrupalla’s opinion Communist-like repressions on freedom of speech are “coming back in current politics”.

East Germany was at least honest.

They didn’t pretend to be a “freedom human rights democracy” where state policy is decided based on the will of the voters.

The magazine notes a Green party politician rejected these claims, calling Chrupalla “silly” for claiming Germany is becoming less free. Contradicting that view, Germany’s Junge Freiheit magazine reports left-wing networks are attempting to weaponize bank closures to attack opponents.

How is it possible to say it is not “less free”?

This wasn’t happening before, and now it is happening.

If this man did a crime, then put him on trial. Again, it would be a Kafka show trial, but at least have the balls to do it. They did it in Greece. More and more, I respect Greece for actually just arresting the entire Golden Dawn on fake charges.

The German state will shut down AfD if they get to a certain level of support. But they won’t just arrest them all. They will do more of this passive-aggressive tyranny.

Imagine what they’ll do if AfD gets over 20% at the national elections