China Says “Disinformation” Claims from State Department are Themselves Disinformation

On principle, I do not believe anything Jews say.

In fact, if the Jews say something (or really even if a single, individual Jew says something, in most cases), I assume it to be proof that the thing is false.

Obviously it is technically possible for a Jew to say a true thing and blah, blah, blah – okay, I get it.

But as a basic and general matter, anything a Jew says is false.


A US State Department report that accuses the Chinese government of expanding disinformation efforts is “in itself disinformation,” Beijing’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed Saturday.

The ministry shot back after the State Department issued a striking report this week in which it accused the Chinese government of expanding efforts to control information and to disseminate propaganda and disinformation that promotes “digital authoritarianism” in China and around the world.

The US report, issued by the Global Engagement Center on Thursday, alleged that China spends billions of dollars a year on foreign information manipulation and warned that Chinese leader Xi Jinping had “significantly expanded” efforts to “shape the global information environment.”

I do not believe China is spreading “disinformation.”

I am a China shill, of course, but I’m not a liar. And I’m telling you: Chinese don’t even understand this concept. The worst thing the Chinese understand is bribery. In terms of bizarro psychological operations gibberish: the Chinese simply do not comprehend why a government would do this, because they believe that it is important for a government to be trustworthy.


What’s more: if you are making the claim that people are incapable of processing certain information, you are making an extreme claim about the public. It might not be that extreme. But it certainly says that democracy is impossible. Either the masses of people are capable of rational thought and objective analysis of information or they’re not, and if they’re not, and you’re openly saying they’re not, then you can’t possibly be promoting democracy at the same time.

I would more or less tend to agree that the majority of people – or at least, enough to cause a riot or swing an election – are totally malleable in terms of their inability to analyze information. But again: I’m not the one out here promoting universal suffrage democracy.


I don’t support that system.

The original American system was that only white, male land-owners were allowed to vote. The biggest part of that is “land owner.” If you are intelligent enough to have established property, and you therefore have a stake in the game, you’re probably capable of analyzing things based on rationality and objectivity. This would apply, as a rule, even if you were black or a woman, so I don’t personally think there is any need to ban blacks and women from voting. If someone asked me if I think blacks and women should be allowed to vote, I would say “no,” because I’m an honest person, but basically, if a black or a woman is capable of maintaining property ownership, they are probably relatively competent. Regardless, in a voting system based on these rules, the competent are going to out-vote the competent.

Of course, there are other ways of allowing the redress of grievance. You don’t need voting to have that. Universal voting is on its face retarded, but no form of voting is really necessary. You just need some way for people to petition the government if they have a problem. The Chinese have a system for doing this. When China had Covid lockdowns and people protested, the government changed the policy. That did not happen in “democracy countries.” In democracy countries, if you protested the government’s Covid policy, you were arrested and in the case of the Canadian truckers, your personal bank accounts were frozen.

There is no argument capable of rationally countering the claim that modern democracies are the most oppressive form of government ever in the history of the world, in terms of their ability to crush personal freedom. This is largely due to the fact that the masses of people are stupid and very easily manipulated by the media – so if you have control of the media, you have control of the democracy.