Germany: Displaying Letter “Z” and Expressing Support for Russia Could be Criminal Act

Support the most corrupt country in the world, run by Jewish neo-Nazi torturers using human shields and slaughtering their own civilians – it’s the law.


Individuals who display the letter “Z” in Germany to symbolise support for Russia’s war in Ukraine could be liable to prosecution, an Interior Ministry spokesperson said on Monday.

The interior minister for the state of Berlin said earlier that city authorities would jump on cases of the Z symbol being used to endorse Russia’s aggression, following announcements by Bavaria and Lower Saxony that they too would punish such acts.

The Russian war of aggression on the Ukraine is a criminal act, and whoever publicly approves of this war of aggression can also make himself liable to prosecution,” the Interior Ministry spokesperson told a regular government news conference.

“The federal security authorities have an eye on this, and in this respect we welcome the announcement that several federal states will also examine in individual cases whether this could be a criminal act and to take action accordingly,” he said.

People are ordered to express their support for wanton post-tapers because that’s part of the values that make us who we are.

#StandWithUkraine – or else!