Pope Benedict Would Reject Blessings for Gay Couples, Aide Says

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Yeah, well. No Pope ever in history would have done “anal marriage.” Even the Anti-Popes wouldn’t have done it.

This cannot be a Pope.

New York Post:

The Vatican marked the first anniversary on Sunday of the death of Pope Benedict XVI, with one of his closest aides saying he never would have approved a recent declaration allowing Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, who was the Church’s doctrinal chief under Benedict, and Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, who was Benedict’s private secretary, both German, were two headliners at an event marking the anniversary and organized by the conservative U.S.-based Catholic television network EWTN.

It never would have happened (under Benedict) because it was so ambiguous,” Mueller said on the sidelines of the event when asked by Reuters about the landmark declaration issued on Dec. 18.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller

While the December declaration says such blessings cannot resemble the sacrament of matrimony between a man and a woman and cannot be part of rituals or liturgies, some advocates of more inclusion of LGBT people saw it as a possible precursor of same-sex marriage in the Church.

There is no homosexual matrimony. It does not exist, it cannot exist, despite ideologies we have (today),” said Mueller, whom Francis removed as head of the Vatican’s doctrinal department after Benedict resigned in 2013.

Mueller said that while his personal relationship with Francis is “very good” he does not hesitate to disagree with him in public on doctrinal issues because “we are not in the Soviet Union where only one leader has a say.”

Mueller said “the best thing we can do for the pope is always to be close to the Catholic truth and faith and not to be here as adulators.”

Benedict might not have been perfect, but he was clearly more conservative than John Paul II, which is why he was removed. Hilariously, the cocksuckers blackmailed Benedict into resigning with gay shit. He had agreed to move priests who had been accused of abuse on a small scale.

Honestly, I don’t even think becoming a celibate priest is a bad idea for a person with homosexual drives. It’s logical enough. The problem is that if someone with those drives becomes a priest now, they are encouraged by the entire establishment of the Vatican to embrace the urges. Benedict said in his book published after his death that priests in America were doing faggot orgies.

It’s difficult to know what the answer to this problem is, but you cannot have an “Anal Pope.” The authority of this man is gone now. Just imagine what Saints Peter and Paul would say about this.

Imagine that either of them would say: “Oh yes, he is pro-anal, and is literally bringing analists into the Church for ‘blessings,’ but you must respect his authority.”

Francis defenders are pressing the issue, claiming that this is valid, because they are not blessing anal, they are only blessing the brunch that the faggots have after a fisting session. But that means that they are saying that good can come from evil. It’s untrue. Nothing good results from anal sex. Surely, we’ve all had some exposure to faggots, and we all know that these men abuse one another. That is the only thing they do. Their relationship is based on anal, so every aspect of the relationship is rotten and deranged and above all, abusive and satanic.

I’m sorry if you wanted to believe the authority of the Pope is unimpeachable. Everyone has wanted to believe that for thousands of years. But you have a situation now where the Vatican is preaching that good can come from evil.

What’s more, they know that no one understands these lunatic confusing documents they’re releasing, and that most people reading the news think that the Church is now doing gay marriage inside the churches. Even if you believe that faggots can have true love whenever they are not pressing in each other’s shit – which is insane, by the way, but assuming you do agree with the Pope about that – you surely have to acknowledge that creating this scandal is evil.

The seat is vacant.