Germany: Freedom Fighters Ignite the Flames of Democracy on Fascist Politician’s Fascist Trucks

I sure hope his insurance policy covers “defense of democracy”

In Germany, the government incites terrorism against you!

European Conservative:

Security services in Saxony-Anhalt are investigating a suspected arson attack that saw nearly all of a local Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) politician’s fleet of moving trucks torched, resulting in several hundred thousand euros in damage.

Local AfD politician Sven Elbert, the owner of the moving company Umzüge Ebert, who sits on the Schkopau municipal council and the Saale district council, was awakened on Monday night to find out that five of the six trucks in his Hohenweiden fleet had been destroyed, with another company car severely damaged, after catching fire, Junge Freiheit reports.

Per reports from German media, the flames and kilometer-high plumes of smoke that resulted from the ignited vehicles could be seen as far as 10 kilometers away in the city of Halle.

One employee of the company described the effects of the fire to reporters from the state broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk as “devastating,” saying that “almost the entire company fleet had been destroyed.” Operations, he said, would continue with the support of rental vehicles.

Elbert’s moving company, which has eight branches throughout central Germany, has been the target of attacks in the past where assailants vandalized company property with buckets of paint. The attacks, suspected to have been committed by Antifa or groups affiliated with the extreme left, are believed to have targeted Elbert’s company due to his affiliation with the AfD.

Is it really the “extreme left”?

It seems a better term would be “state left.”

These are people with a drastic devotion to the government. That is “extreme,” but it’s not what we think of when we think of “far left activists.” These are not “ideological” people in the traditional sense, but rather very fragile people stirred up into a frenzy by the government/media.