Germany: Government Kicked Out Fewer Than 3% of Invaders with Deportation Orders This Year

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Despite vowing last year to increase deportations the leftist coalition government in Germany only managed to deport less than three per cent of migrants set for removal in the first four months of the year.

In the wake of soaring antisemitic incidents and Islamist attacks across Europe following the October 7th terror attacks on Israel, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that his government would begin deportations of illegals, failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals on a “large scale“.

However, figures reported by public broadcaster Deutsche Well have shown that this has yet to come to pass, with just 6,300 foreigners being removed from Germany from January to April. This is compared to 240,000 who faced a deportation order, meaning that just 2.63 per cent of migrants were removed after receiving an order to leave.

DW reports that around 80 per cent of those with a deportation order could not be removed because they either did not have identification papers or came from countries that Germany currently considers unsafe — such as Syria and Afghanistan — and therefore refuses to send migrants back to homelands.

This place looks safer than any city in the US

Chancellor Scholz has said that his government would look to end the prohibition on sending migrants back to Syria and Afghanistan, following a mass stabbing that left a police officer dead by a failed asylum seeker from Afghanistan who avoided removal on the grounds that his home country was unsafe.

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“It outrages me when someone who has sought protection here commits the most serious crimes. Such criminals should be deported, even if they come from Syria and Afghanistan,” the chancellor said earlier this month.

However, this would likely need the requirement of the Islamist governments in control of the two countries, meaning that it is currently unknown when deportations will actually start to resume to Afghanistan and Syria.

At a conference in Potsdam over the weekend, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said that rather than negotiating with the Taliban regime in Kabul, Berlin has begun talks with Afghanistan’s regional neighbours on possibly accepting Afghan nationals from Germany.

If the Taliban wants to execute people returning from Germany, that’s kinda their choice, isn’t it? It’s their country.

This isn’t the problem of the German people.

I think probably the Taliban is not going to be too happy about men who fled the country, as they were effectively defecting from the military during wartime.

Still, I doubt they are just going to execute returnees on arrival.

But who knows what they’ll do?

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