Germany: Killdozer Army Descends on Berlin as Farmers Protest Green Taxes!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2019

It’s funny. You never see mass actions against mass migration like this.

On some level, this is because farmers and the protest-class benefited (or at least weren’t directly hurt) by mass migration. They kept their mouths shut at any rate. And this is the same situation in any country. You will, however, see farmers and middle-class suburbanites up in arms over every single upwards tick in the price of fuel. No other issue has the same effect on people as hiking up their cost of fuel. You can turn poor White girls into kebab meat and nobody utters a peep, but raise the price of gasoline and everyone loses their minds!

This should not be construed as a criticism or a diatribe against normies. I’m just here to share facts.


  • The Yellow Vests started as a Boomer Uprising against fuel cost hikes.
  • The Tea Party Boomers wanted to keep the Bush Era tax cuts
  • UKIP’s entire platform was based on lowering the cost of fish and chips for Brits

Any successful mass action needs an established lobby behind it. Without an organized and established lobby, nothing happens. Big farmers are like big, fat welfare ticks that demand their pound of flesh from the government or else they’ll starve the country into submission.

But they know how to have a good protest, don’t they? 


Up to 5,000 tractors descended upon the German capital on Tuesday to protest the government’s latest agricultural policies and environmental protection regulations which farmers claim are too restrictive.

German authorities estimate somewhere in the region of 5,000 tractors and 10,000 farmers entered Berlin in a slow-moving convoy, bringing the capital to a relative standstill at certain points. The protesters eventually gathered at Berlin’s iconic landmark Brandenburg Gate.

There is a live stream showing a bunch of parked vehicles. It’s uh, it’s hot stuff:

If you do not have any institutional support, you get attacked by the police and Antifa in the streets – like the men who showed up at Charlottesville. But if you have a powerful lobby, well then, that’s a different story. You can shut down entire cities with your lawnmowers tractors and run joggers down on the streets like the animals that they are.

Folks, it’s clear that we’re not going to get a mass movement organized against mass migration anytime soon.

You will, however, be able to get tens thousand of Boomers in killdozers rolling into the capital and shutting it down.

What else you can do?

Well, you can get suburban sedan-plankton to burn down toll booths in France.

You can get regular Americans out in the streets, rifles in hand and ready to gunfight with the badge-niggers to protest a red flag gun seizure.

You can get tens of thousands of Poles in the streets for a celebration of their independence.

You can get hundreds of thousands of French out in the streets demanding an end to gay marriage.

A smart movement would work with these existing mass movements, no? 

Disgruntled farmers feel there should be consultation and cooperation between conservationists, environmentalists, farmers and the government to create policies that are effective at protecting the environment while maintaining German agricultural competitiveness.

While Merkel agreed in principle and talks are scheduled to begin at the start of December, these are not the first such protests by farmers in recent weeks.

Hamburg witnessed a similar demonstration of slow-moving outrage earlier this month.


It’s clear that these farmers simply aren’t forward-thinking enough. They are making a big fuss over nothing. In the near future, these regular farms will simply be converted into giant maggot spawning grounds as the goyim are switched to a corpo-enforced all-bug diet.

There will be plenty of work for the farmers then.

Please consult Blade Runner 2049 for more details about the future that is planned for us all:

Unless we stop it, of course.