Germany: Pastor Loses Job for Running for Office on AfD Ticket

Martin Michaelis, the pastor.

Most of the churches are useless. There are still some good people, but they’re in the process of being run out.

It should be expected in such dark times as these.


A pastor known for his opposition to coronavirus measures has been stripped of his pastorate by the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) after running for office with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Quedlinburg.

“Although it is in the interest of the church that pastors also get involved politically, this does not apply to involvement in parties that take constitutionally questionable positions,” announced the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM) on Monday.

The removal of Martin Michaels, a theologian, from his role as a pastor is the latest sign that the major Christian religious groups are gearing up to fight the AfD at nearly every level. The EKD’s administration warned that his candidacy is not compatible with the office of pastor.

Last week, the EDK joined the Together for Democracy campaign with 50 other left-wing and religious organizations. For example, the Together for Democracy campaign also includes the Germans Bishops’ Conference, Greenpeace, and the German Trade Union Confederation.

“Together, we defend our democracy and everyone who lives here against the attacks of the extreme right,” the association wrote on its website.

President of the EKD Anna-Nicole Heinrich added: “We cannot behave neutrally when people are excluded, despised, persecuted or threatened.”

Anna-Nicole Heinrich. This individual is the boss of the church.

Michaelis, the fired pastor, previously ran on AfD’s list in the city council election but as unaffiliated. He was outspoken during the Covid-19 era pandemic by criticizing church leadership, including for its statement in 2021 that receiving a Covid-19 vaccine was “an expression of active Christian charity.”

Letting women into positions is always going to be an insane action. No one can even explain it. They will say “equality” and so on – but how can you have equality if the whole world is destroyed?

We will all be equally dead, I suppose.