Jews Turns Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital Into Rubble, Kill Hundreds, Bulldoze Them Into Mass Graves

It’s really shocking that the Jews would destroy a hospital and kill everyone there – especially after what Hitler did to them, stacking all of their shoes in a pile like he did.

Wait just a second and remember: there are a lot of people who literally believe that last sentence. There are people, throughout the Western world, who believed that because of the “Holocaust,” the Jews were very good people (because victims are always very good people), and they actually are in shock that these Jews are just slaughtering people like this.

It is taking people a while to figure out what is going on. It will take people a while to understand that actually, Jews are evil and in league with Satan (and always have been).

It will take them a while to realize the Holocaust was faked, in large part for the explicit purpose of being able to create the state of Israel.


Israeli forces left Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Monday after a two-week operation by special forces who detained hundreds of suspected Palestinian militants and left a wasteland of destroyed buildings.

With access to Gaza’s biggest hospital severely restricted, the Israeli and Palestinian versions differed sharply.

Palestinian officials called the raid on a hospital treating severely wounded patients a war crime, while Israeli officials said special forces units conducted a targeted strike against a Hamas stronghold deliberately located among vulnerable civilians.

Thousands of Palestinians – 6,200 according to the Israeli military – had been sheltering in the complex, one of few locations in the north of Gaza with some access to electricity and water.

Ismail Al-Thawabta, director of the Hamas-run Gaza media office, said Israeli forces had killed 400 Palestinians in and around the hospital including a woman doctor and her son, also a doctor, and put the facility out of action.

They bulldozed the courtyards, burying dozens of bodies of martyrs in the rubble, turning the place into a mass graveyard,” he said. “This is a crime against humanity.”

Hamas said Israel detained 350 people from inside Shifa, including patients and displaced people and dozens of others from districts nearby.

Footage on social media, unverified by Reuters, showed corpses, some covered in dirty blankets, scattered around the charred hulk of the hospital, many of whose outer walls were missing. It showed ground heavily ploughed up, and numerous buildings outside the facility flattened or burned down.

“I haven’t stopped crying since I arrived here, horrible massacres were committed by the occupation here,” said Samir Basel, 43, speaking to Reuters via a chat app as he toured Al Shifa.

“The place is destroyed, buildings have been burnt and destroyed. This place needs to be rebuilt – there is no Shifa hospital anymore.”

We’ve seen so much of this, it’s hard to know what more to say at this point.

Any single week of the “war in Gaza” (it’s not actually a war) would be the worst series of atrocities the world has seen in many decades. But this just keeps going on, week after week, and we’ve all become desensitized to it.

But just imagine: launching a military assault on a hospital, killing everyone there, then bulldozing them into mass graves.

Your tax dollars are paying for this, America.