Germany: Prosecutors Consider Charges of High Treason for AfD Members Who Attended Anti-Migrant Meeting

They’re still doing that “protesting the opposition” thing

This was not a secret meeting.

It was also not “high treason.”

The German government has gone completely insane. Frankly, they’ve gone beyond the lunacy of the Americans or even the British. This situation is now totally out of control.


Germany’s Federal Public Prosecutor General’s Office could be looking to charge opposition party politicians with “high treason” for their attendance at a “secret meeting” in Potsdam, where participants allegedly discussed a plan to deport foreigners.

According to German news publication Junge Freiheit, the investigation is based on a criminal complaint filed by a private individual who accused the participants of the meeting of high treason under Section 81 of the German criminal code. If convicted of such a crime, individuals can serve a minimum of 10 years in prison, if a prosecutor can prove the individual “endangered the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany” or wanted to abolish “the constitutional order” by using or threatening violence.

This is the code of law in question:

Here’s a question everyone reading this right now has: how is flooding your country with foreigners not undermining the existence of the country itself?

So far, Germany’s top prosecutors are only exploring the possibility of charging the AfD politicians present with treason, and no charges have yet been filed.

However, the AfD is also taking legal action against the state-funded NGO Correctiv, which first produced the report. AfD MP Gerrit Huy accuses the publication of illegally distributing secret audio and video recordings of her. AfD co-leader Tino Chrupalla also accused the NGO of “Stasi tactics” for sending an undercover agent into the meeting, taking clandestine photos of participants, and using other questionable tactics. There is also concern from the AfD that Correctiv may have had support from intelligence services.

This is very obvious. Of course the German secret services – which are effectively an arm of the CIA – use these “private organizations” to bypass domestic spying laws.

The United States has been doing this for decades. It’s the most obvious intelligence technique ever.

However, Huy, instead of trying to keep any recordings from Correctiv a secret, is demanding they be made available to her and then made public. Many of the participants at the event deny that there were any plans to deport German citizens, as Correctiv alleges.

“I filed a complaint about three weeks ago for violation of personal rights. I am particularly interested in gaining access to any audio and video recordings. In the positive case, I would sue for the release of these recordings, in particular, to make the audio recordings public afterwards,” Huy told the news agency dpa.

Huy may have a case, as in German law, sections 201 and 201a of the criminal code feature a ban on secret recordings, both visual and audio recordings, made in non-public or specially protected spaces. There is also coverage under the Art Copyright Act.

However, Correctiv denies that any audio recordings were made, which means their report was based on hearsay. One thing is certain, members of the event were photographed secretly while in attendance, as agents took clandestine photos of participants through windows of the villa.

Imagine thinking that a “private organization” that openly supports and is supported by the German state is actually a “private organization.”

“Correctiv” is something like the ADL or AIPAC – a private intelligence operation that is contracted by the government and has direct financial overlap with the government.

Soros, Google, and others are listed as funders of the project.

The very obvious, underlying absurdity of this situation is that it is obvious on its face that the German government, by giving citizenship to all of these foreigners (and residency to many, many others), committed the most reprehensible act of treason that is conceivable to the human mind.

There is no more extreme form of crime against a nation than replacing the population of the nation with a foreign population. This is a kind of existential treason, which is much worse than say, selling out the country to a foreign power.

Germany and parts thereof have been ruled by foreigners at various times in history, and yet the existence of the German people was never threatened. No foreign military ever threatened to exterminate the Germans (not even following World War II).

The first people to ever threaten the existence of the German people are the current government of the country. And somehow, they have the nerve to accuse patriots of “treason.”

Snake Baker contributed to this article.