Germany Warns People of Possible Gas Rationing Because of Russian Sanctions



Germany has declared an “early warning” over possible gas supply disruption amid a payments stand-off with Russia.

Russia had demanded “unfriendly” countries pay for its gas in roubles from 31 March, but the EU, which mainly pays in euros, has rejected the idea.

Moscow later appeared to soften its stance, saying on Wednesday rouble payments would be introduced gradually.

But Germany has urged consumers and companies to reduce consumption in anticipation of possible shortages.

Germany gets about half its gas and a third of its oil from Russia and has warned that it could face a recession if supplies suddenly stopped.

Under an existing gas emergency plan, the “early warning phase” is the first of three steps designed to prepare the country for a potential supply shock.

In its final stage, the government would bring in gas rationing.

German economy minister Robert Habeck said gas supplies were safeguarded for the time being, but said it was increasing precautionary measures in case of escalation by Russia.

The head of German network regulator Bundesnetzagentur, Klaus Mueller, said the aim of the early warning was to avoid a deterioration of supply. He urged consumers and industry to prepare for “all scenarios”.

Who is sanctioning who here?

Do Western governments not understand they are sanctioning their own populations?

Or is this the Great Reset?

If it is the Great Reset, then why are they making Russia and China stronger and more independent?

Why are they cutting themselves off from the rest of the world, including India and the Gulf?

Wasn’t the Great Reset supposed to create interdependency?