Google Censors AI Image Creation of People After Nazi Niggers Controversy

According to Google, everyone on earth is a nigger.

This was bound to lead to the “Nazi Nigger Incident.”

The Guardian:

Google has put a temporary block on its new artificial intelligence model producing images of people after it portrayed German second world war soldiers and Vikings as people of colour.

The tech company said it would stop its Gemini model generating images of people after social media users posted examples of images generated by the tool that depicted some historical figures – including popes and the founding fathers of the US – in a variety of ethnicities and genders.

Google did not refer to specific images in its statement, but examples of Gemini image results were widely available on X, accompanied by commentary on AI’s issues with accuracy and bias, with one former Google employee saying it was “hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist”.

Jack Krawczyk, a senior director on Google’s Gemini team, had admitted on Wednesday that the model’s image generator – which is not available in the UK and Europe – needed adjustment.

It’s really the end game of this entire replacement ideology: the entire media just pretends that white people don’t even exist.

The media has been doing docudramas showing everyone in history as a negro for over a decade now, so it’s just obvious that the underlying plan here is to portray everyone on earth as black or some shade of brown, and have whites in real life play the function of deformed mutants.

You don’t see people with Down syndrome in entertainment media, right? That’s what it’s going to be like with whites. There just won’t be any of them.