Germany: 39-Year-Old Iranian Chosen as Miss Germany


Is this a joke?


In a significant stride towards diversity and shattering traditional beauty norms, Apameh S., a 39-year-old Iranian-born architect, has been heralded as ‘Miss Germany 2024’. This victory is not merely a personal triumph for Apameh but stands as a beacon of progressive change, symbolizing a shift in societal norms, and broadening perceptions of beauty, inclusivity, and representation on a global scale. The beauty pageant, historically critiqued for its narrow focus on physical appearance, has evolved to spotlight the advocacies, skills, and societal contributions of its contestants. Apameh’s win, against the backdrop of this evolution, underscores her remarkable qualities and visionary outlook, poised to inspire and reflect the changing paradigms within beauty contests and the critical importance of embracing diversity.

Apameh’s journey to the crown was no ordinary feat. Prevailing against eight other contestants in a competition that saw approximately 15,000 applications, her victory at Europa Park was a testament to her advocacy and leadership. With a focus on supporting young women with migrant backgrounds, Apameh aims to leverage her title to advocate for underprivileged and oppressed women, especially those from Iran. Her dedication to women’s rights and empowerment through the Shirzan Lion Woman network is indicative of the pageant’s shifting priorities towards contestants’ contributions beyond mere aesthetics. The absence of an age limit this season, allowing Apameh’s participation at 39, further highlights the evolving inclusivity of the competition.

That’s inclusive alright.

But what the hell does it have to do with beauty?

Isn’t this a beauty contest? For Germans?

None of these contests are allowed to do normal shit anymore.

It seems like they’re attempting to make men attracted to ugly, old, brown sluts, and trannies, while also completely destroying the concept of beauty itself.

This is last year’s Miss Germany, Kira Geiss, who is in her early 20s. She won despite competing against a tranny and a black.