Government Now Hyping New “Pandemic” Hoax

As Israel begins the Rafah assault, this is the top news item on POLITICO

A new flu hoax is the obvious play in response to the anti-Israel movement.

It’s very unclear to me how many people will go along with this, but it’s certainly notable that the people protesting against Israel now were definitely many of the same people who believed in the coronavirus hoax.

Of course, they can’t really start a pandemic hoax until the weather starts getting cold. If they were going to do a pandemic hoax, however, now is the time that they would start prepping for it.

Right now, they are setting up a narrative that state officials are preventing the federal government from stopping the spread of an animal virus.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is at odds with state officials and the dairy industry over its on-the-ground response to the avian flu outbreak spreading among dairy cows, complicating President Joe Biden’s efforts to track and contain a virus that has the potential to sicken millions of people.

Many farmers don’t want federal health officials on their property. State agriculture officials worry the federal response is sidelining animal health experts at the Agriculture Department, and also that some potential federal interventions threaten to hinder state and local health officials rushing to respond to the outbreaks.

“It’s overreach. They don’t need to do that. They need to back off,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a former rodeo cowboy who is a possible pick to lead the USDA if former President Donald Trump wins the presidential election, said in an interview.

This guy is the perfect villain.

It’s all so tiresome.

Texas, the first state where the bird flu virus was detected, has not invited the CDC to conduct epidemiological field studies there, even though its health department is open to the research, because, “We haven’t found a dairy farm that is interested in participating,” said Lara Anton, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The resistance of dairy farmers is emblematic of the trust gap between key agriculture players in both red and blue states and federal health officials — one that public health experts fear could hamper the nation’s ability to head off the virus’ threat to humans.

“The risk here of something going from one or two sporadic [human] cases to becoming something of international concern, it’s not insignificant,” CDC Principal Deputy Director Nirav Shah said at a recent Council on Foreign Relations event.

“We’ve all seen how a virus can spread around the globe before public health has even had a chance to get its shoes on,” Shah added. “That’s a risk and one that we have to be mindful of.”

Everyone said I was wrong when I said that the coronavirus hoax would never end. I was wrong in that I didn’t expect it to just stop in February of 2022. I’m not going to claim I was actually right. But I was actually right, because it was never going to be over. They were always going to bring back the full-scale hoax.

Maybe they’ll do it this fall, maybe they won’t. But at some point they will.

The fact that this “bird flu in cows” is now a top news story is important, and it’s obvious that the situation with “World War Jew” will be much more serious come the fall.

It’s easy to see how the government would think a flu hoax would be the way to shut down all anti-war protests.