Random Scientists Announce New “General Vaccine” Against “Unknown Viruses”

See: Government Now Hyping New “Pandemic” Hoax

Just take this untested vaccine against a virus that no one even claims exists.

It’s safe and effective and stopping many unknowns, somehow.

The Guardian:

Scientists have created a vaccine that has the potential to protect against a broad range of coronaviruses, including varieties that are not yet even known about.

The experimental shot, which has been tested in mice, marks a change in strategy towards “proactive vaccinology”, where vaccines are designed and readied for manufacture before a potentially pandemic virus emerges.

If they did mice studies, it’s ready to ship.

They are going full-on with the Biden administration’s support for untested medicine.

They are just like “yeah bro, this is a vax for some shit, idk. We tested it on a mouse, it’s fine, bro, just inject this into your body.”

The vaccine is made by attaching harmless proteins from different coronaviruses to minuscule nanoparticles that are then injected to prime the body’s defences to fight the viruses should they ever invade.

Because the vaccine trains the immune system to target proteins that are shared across many different types of coronavirus, the protection it induces is extremely broad, making it effective against known and unknown viruses in the same family.

“We’ve shown that a relatively simple vaccine can still provide a scattershot response across a range of different viruses,” said Rory Hills, a graduate researcher at the University of Cambridge and first author of the report. “It takes us one step forward towards our goal of creating vaccines before a pandemic has even started.”

Wait – who made the vaccine? How is that not in the lede?

Tests in mice showed that the vaccine induced a broad immune response to coronaviruses, including Sars-Cov-1, the pathogen that caused the 2003 Sars outbreak, even though proteins from that virus were not added to the vaccine nanoparticles. Details of the work, a collaboration between the universities of Cambridge and Oxford and the California Institute of Technology, are published in Nature Nanotechnology.

It’s just “scientists at some university, lol.”

If you read the study, it says the people who published it own the patent on the technology, which is some kind of nano-technology that goes inside of the cells to manipulate proteins. (Totally safe – it’s already tested on mice, so it’s fine.)

If this bio-engineering “vaccine” was released today, lots of people would take it.

Americans are very fat and stupid, and they only think of the terror of death. They are like children who believe that the TV is their daddy and would never want to hurt them.

They are promoting the bird flu hard now.

This specific vax might not get shipped, but apparently, this whole “inject nano machines into their blood and rearrange their cellular structure” bit is where they’re going with the vax program.

People see this “nano machine” thing in science fiction for years and then when the government says they’re coming to inject them with it, they are like “yeah that seems to make good sense to me, shoot me up, scientist.”