Goy Rebellion in Tommyland: Jews Shaken

Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

The Jews who run the Tommy Robinson operation are wilting under a withering barrage of truth from the Daily Stormer and the British Real Right.

With Tommy temporarily detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, only the puppetmasters’ hands remain visible. And those hands have a distinctly un-British aspect.

There are signs the Tommy coalition is fracturing.

Braithwaite thought he was a captain in Tommy’s Army. Now he realises he was nothing but a mug.

Whether the Jews can still hold it together remains to be seen. Although the tension is long-standing, the most recent eruption of goy rebellion against Jewish overlordship arises from their attempt to exclude Shazia Hobbs for the crime of “noticing.”

One of the top Jewish “Tommy-Whisperers” – Brian “of London” (of whom more below) – has penned an attack on her on his website.

Shazia Hobbs is someone with harsh personal experience of the Moslem invasion. She herself is half-Pakistani, and she was raped by a Paki and provides counseling, at her own expense, to victims of Moslem rape gangs.

But none of that counts for anything, it seems. Some Jews on the distant, sun-kissed shores of Australia and Tel Aviv have decided that front-line anti-Islam resistance fighters on the rain-drenched streets of northern Britain must be excluded from their own movement because they dared to write an article about the Frankfurt School.

The big-brained thinking behind Brian’s article seems to be:

  • Shazia Hobbs thinks Jews have disproportionate power and use it to pursue an agenda of their own
  • This is what the Protocols of the Elders of Zion say
  • Hitler believed in the Protocols
  • So Shazia and Hitler are on the same wavelength
  • Therefore Shazia must be silenced and excluded

As in most of Jewish discourse, the criterion of objective truth is simply disregarded. It’s all about emotions and subjectivity and wrongthoughts that wander through people’s minds, based on some tropes or documents from long ago, never the actual, demonstrable behavior of Jews in the present day.

Dr. Brian has denied having control over the Tommy Robinson operation but gave the game away in his recent podcast (around the 7:20 mark).

Now I’m sorry Shazia, if you adopt that thinking, even if it is just two phrases, and we told you, and I believe, [pauses awkwardly realizing he’s blurted out too much truth], it wasn’t me, but the editor of TR.news told you what was problematic with your first piece.

His article is full of weak sophistries intended to refute the “canard” of Judeo-Communism. I may deal with these later in a separate essay, but for me the most interesting part of his article was this:

Regardless of how the mass inflow of mostly Commonwealth and Pakistani immigrants caused problems of assimilation, it did force Britain to confront the ugly reality of racism. As much as ‘anti-racism’ has been exploited by the Marxist left to undermine patriotism, Britain should be proud of the steps it took to counter racism and today I don’t think of Britain as a deeply racist society. All are children of the Empire.

“Children of the Empire”? Is he saying that anyone living in a territory that was formerly part of the British Empire now has some kind of moral entitlement to immigrate to Britain? At its maximum extent, the British Empire covered almost a quarter of the earth’s surface, comprising a quarter of its total population. Do the descendants of these people now have the right to set up shop in London or Liverpool, as they please? What kind of “English Defence” league is this?

“Problems of assimilation” means British people being blown up by “Children of the Empire” Moslem terrorists. “Problems of assimilation” means tens (and some say hundreds) of thousands of pubescent white British girls being effectively enslaved for periods of years and raped, typically by dozens of “Children of the Empire” Moslem men, hundreds or thousands of times each.

But for “Dr. Brian” – the Counterjihad commander – it was all a price worth paying to help Britain “confront the ugly reality of racism.” If Britain hadn’t been invaded by Afro-Asiatic hordes, of course, the country would have been racially homogeneous. There would then have been no “ugly reality of racism” to confront. “Racism,” in any case, is just the natural resentment the invaded feel for the invader. No invader, no resentment. It’s like saying repeatedly electrocuting someone is good because eventually they become numbed to the pain.

And what does “Dr. Brian” mean by “Britain should be proud of the steps it took to counter racism”? What were these “steps”? The criminalization of speech through the Race Relations Act of 1965 which created the “Incitement to Racial Hatred” offence, promoted by the Board of Deputies of “British” Jews and passed by the Jewish Home Secretary Frank Soskice? Is this what Britain should be proud of, according to Dr. Brian, whose Twitter bio describes him as a “free speech extremist”? On the contrary, it was the intimidating effect of these laws that allowed the Moslem rape scandal to go unaddressed for decades. The people who knew about it were afraid to say anything for fear of having their lives destroyed.

Anti-Islam campaigners in Britain live in perpetual fear of being charged under these “hate speech” laws that “Dr. Brian” thinks “Britain should be proud of.” Tommy Robinson himself was charged with inciting hatred for wearing a “Fuck ISIS” T-shirt.

What about the systematic bias displayed by the media in Britain on questions of immigration, race or Islam? This bias is formally enshrined in the National Union of Journalists Guidelines on Race Reporting and in OFCOM regulations.

Tommy’s followers spend most of their lives complaining about the effect these bias instruments produce. But according to Commander Brian, issuing orders to his loyal British footsoldiers from his bunker in Tel Aviv, this was actually all good; these were “steps” to “counter racism”; and Britain should be proud of them?

And who exactly is this “Dr. Brian of London” anyway? It seems he was born in South Africa. From there he fled to Britain. Apparently, the rich diversity of the “Rainbow Nation” wasn’t to his liking. Did he use his experience to warn the British people about the dangers of diversity? No, instead he became a champion of it, as he still is.

But he was no more loyal to Britain than he had been to South Africa. In 2009, he fled the rich diversity of Londonistan and moved to the only country he ever really cared about, Israel, where he now lives in Tel Aviv. A picture of the Tel Aviv Marina is displayed on the front page of his website with the caption “Dr. Brian of London.”

Why does this cosmopolitan Jew – “South African,” now “Israeli” – continue to call himself Brian of London 10 years after he moved to Israel? No doubt because it enhances his credibility as someone involved in the running of a “British” anti-Islam movement.

But in one of his recent blog posts, Brian of Tel Aviv made clear he doesn’t even identify with Britain and nurtures a sense of historic grievance towards it:

One of my proof readers gave me the line about children of Empire: as a rebellious Jew living in a country that regained its freedom by fighting that Empire, I no longer see myself as a child of that Empire.

Some interesting points here:

  • He doesn’t even write his own stuff; he has “proof readers” who do it for him, and more than one
  • He clearly has some kind of emotional grudge against Britain. Anyone familiar with the history of how the modern state of Israel emerged (“The Bible and the Sword: England and Palestine” is a good, if philo-Semitic, account) knows that Britain played the preponderant role in it; and at every stage the British statesmen involved proudly declared that Britain would earn the undying gratitude of world Jewry for this role. It looks like the Brits got cheated, just as so many who dealt with Jews over the centuries did.
  • He declares he does not identify with Britain, so why is that he thinks he has the right to give direction to a British political movement?

Brian calls himself an “indigenous rights activist” but refuses to concede the moral right of the British or European peoples not to become ethnic minorities in their own historic homelands. What does the word “indigenous” even mean if the concept of genetic descent (aka “racism”) is abstracted from it?

In his video debate with Mark Collett, Dr. Brian refused to accept that Israel was an “ethno-state.” His argument was that even though Israel was a “Jewish State” this did not mean it was an ethno-state since Judaism was a non-exclusive ideology and outsiders could convert to it. In practice, of course, it is almost impossible to convert to Judaism. They actively seek to deter converts. Many sub-branches of Judaism will simply refuse to accept conversions. If you look hard enough, and if you have a Jewish partner, you may be able to find some rabbi who will eventually pronounce you a Jew. Even then, many Jews will refuse to accept that you are legitimately Jewish. And if you want to immigrate to Israel on the basis of your conversion, you will find almost impossibly high hurdles put in your way.

In any case, why is the idea of a country reserved for practitioners of a certain ideology any more intrinsically moral than the idea of a country reserved for its ancestral inhabitants?

Brian of London’s real name is Brian Bishko. Not a very British-sounding name, is it? (I’m not doxing him here. He appears in public using this name, for example in this video segment, which he tweeted out a few days ago.)

He also uses the pseudonyms Brian Thomas and Brian John Thomas.

Why does this man use so many fake names? It’s not like he’s in any danger of being arrested, is it? He’s not a dissident. He’s not challenging the policies or worldview of the government in the country he lives in, Israel; he is, rather, defending and affirming them. They’re more likely to give him a medal than serve him with an arrest warrant. (In fact, he has won awards for his hasbara propaganda; see below).

He demonstrably has connections to the Israeli security establishment.

Here’s an interesting photo. On the right is Barak Raz, IDF spokesman “of the division commanding West Bank operations.” On the left we see Avi Mayer, who once described himself as “Spokesman of The Jewish Agency for Israel, the largest Jewish nonprofit organization in the world” and someone who “previously served in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.” But here he’s being modest. In reality, he was the Jewish Agency’s Social Media Director.

He trained people in how to use the internet to propagandize for Israel. And now he does essentially the same thing as the American Jewish Committee’s head of global communications or, as they put it, “chief storyteller.”

There’s a good discussion of hasbara and a mention of Avi Mayer in Max Blumenthal’s book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a professional explainer who spent the early years of his political career as a frequent guest on prime time American news programs perfecting the slickness of the Beltway pundit class, the Israeli government invested unprecedented resources into hasbara. Once the sole responsibility of the Israeli foreign ministry, the task of disseminating hasbara fell to a special Ministry of Public Diplomacy led by Yuli Edelstein, a rightist settler and government minister who called Arabs a “despicable nation.”

Edelstein’s ministry boasted an advanced “situation room,” a paid media team, and coordination of a volunteer force that claimed to include thousands of volunteer bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook commenters fed with talking points and who flood social media with hasbara in five languages. The exploits of the propaganda soldiers conscripted into Israel’s online army have helped give rise to the phenomenon of the “hasbara troll,” an often faceless, shrill and relentless nuisance deployed on Twitter and Facebook to harass public figures who expressed skepticism of official Israeli policy or sympathy for the Palestinians. These efforts have been complemented by the office of the prime minister, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, each of which hosted newly created hasbara units. Even the Jewish Agency, a state-funded para-governmental agency primarily engaged in absorbing and settling new Jewish immigrants, employed a full-time social media operative named Avi Mayer, who spent his days on Twitter, attacking Palestine solidarity activists with usually baseless claims of anti-Semitism and deception.

Whether they liked it or not, every Jewish Israeli citizen was a potential recruit for the national hasbara brigade. While Tel Aviv University sent hasbara delegations to campuses across Europe and the United States, the National Union of Israeli Students offered Israeli college students $2,000 to spread propaganda “from the comfort of home.” EL AL Airlines deployed its stewards and stewardesses into American cities to make the case for Israel during specially allotted paid vacation days. Meanwhile, back at Ben Gurion International Airport, large billboards posted by the Ministry of Hasbara instructed Israelis to “be good diplomats” when they travel abroad. By corralling an entire population into promoting Israel as “the only democracy in the Middle East,” the state unconsciously cultivated a culture that treated dissent and critical inquiry with instinctive hostility.

In 2005, the American reality TV program The Apprentice reappeared in Israel as The Diplomat, a hit reality show featuring hundreds of Israeli citizens engaging in heated hasbara competitions before a captive national audience and panel of judges that included top army generals and journalists.

Jews actually hand out awards for the best practitioners of “hasbara” each year: the Hasby awards. They boast about how they managed to fool the goyim and get their narratives into goyspace media. They also consider themselves “elite warriors of the mind” participating in a “battle of thoughts and emotions” that has “become more significant than the physical fight.”

They came one by one, sometimes in pairs. Quietly they entered the auditorium. Unassuming people, you might not notice if you passed in the street. No external factors could alert you to the fact that these are elite warriors of the mind.

The Hasby Awards, under the auspices of famous blogger Elder of Ziyon, honor and recognize some of Israel’s greatest activists who work tirelessly to defend Israel. Israel has IDF warriors and secret service, security forces taking care of the physical battle. The warriors of the mind are those who have stepped forward to take on the battle of thoughts and emotions which has, in many ways, become more significant than the physical fight.

Will Brian one day get an award for running the Tommy Robinson operation? Time will tell.

Bishko also was involved with the one of the most popular Israeli English-language blogs, Israellycool. Occasionally, he is described as the founder of this blog; elsewhere, a guy called AussieDave is mentioned as the founder.

The blog has documented connections to Israel’s security services. For example, it has received official briefings from military sources.

An anti-Zionist Jew, Richard Silverstein, exposed AussieDave’s involvement in infiltrating and disrupting potentially adversarial political movements based purely on online activism conducted using fake identities.

Richard Silverstein:

I’ve come into possession of a series of tweets from 2010 and shared among Aussie Dave, the Jewish Internet Task Force’s (JIDF) David Appletree (the nom de guerre of David Brotsky) and other members of the hasbara jihad brigade.  They document a coordinated project to forge Facebook accounts and identities in order to amplify their pro-Israel efforts among the social networking community.  Among the activities in which they’ve engaged, more recently are the creation of the “David Loeb” Facebook profile which Aussie Dave used as a hoax identity. Aussie Dave also reveals that he’s used a fake ID in order to infiltrate this pro-Palestinian Facebook group. Once accepted, he posts incendiary pro-terror comments seeking to bait other members into escalating the conversation.  Such provocations can then be used by the hasbara activists to discredit the cause and general and get groups taken down.

Who is to say that such online disruption and infiltration is confined to Palestinians?

With this background in mind, it seems reasonable to suppose that the Tommy movement is, in large part, an Israeli psy-op. Whether it was this way from the beginning, or whether it was infiltrated later on, could be debated. Similarly, whether Thomas Yaxley-Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”) himself is a sincere but naïve patriot being manipulated by forces beyond his comprehension, or whether he comprehends fully, and is a willing collaborator with them, is not clear.

What would the goals of the operation be?


Promote the immigration of European Jews to Israel (Aliyah as they call it, meaning “Ascent”) by talking up the threat from Moslems. The core mission of the Jewish Agency, after all, is to promote Aliyah. This is the part I can fully get behind.


Take any potential anti-Semitic sting out of the anti-Islam and anti-immigration movements that must inevitably emerge. Nick Griffin’s report on the EDL years ago said it was offered generous funding by Jews at an early stage on condition that it broke completely with the BNP (which Tommy had previously been a member of) and was offered money for continuously flying Israeli flags.


Promote Islamic immigration into Europe by rendering real resistance to it ineffective. Brian makes clear on his blog that the problem isn’t Islam itself; just a few “bad apple” Moslems with the wrong values which could probably be sorted out by sending them on a Holocaust course. Of course, this is nonsense. The problem is Islam itself, the most pernicious system of ideas the human race has yet come into contact with (not surprising when we find out who helped those ideas gestate) and demographic engulfment by Moslems portends the end of European civilization; but here’s the thing, demographic engulfment by racially alien non-Moslems would also portend the end of European civilization. Islam would be a limited problem for Europe if Moslems had remained in their own countries.

These are truths the Counterjihadis footsoldiers aren’t allowed to articulate, forced to stay within the “few bad apples” script written for them by their foreign paymasters.

Why would Jews want Moslem immigration into Europe? Why did they want it in 8th century Spain or 15th century Constantinople? The fact is these people have worked together since the dawn of Islam itself. The earliest Islamic document still extant, the Constitution of Medina, defines the Jews as part of the Ummah.

The Jews shall be responsible for their expenses and the Believers for theirs. Each, if attacked, shall come to the assistance of the other.

More practically, Moslem immigration to Europe helps divert the energies of hothead jihadis away from Israel. It generalizes hostility to Islam in a way that could one day prove useful to Israel. And it promotes disintegration of the ethnic and religious super-majority Jews have always feared most.

The real question is not for Brian of Tel Aviv, who gives as little sign of being capable of moral introspection as any other member of his tribe. The real question is for the “Free Tommy” footsoldiers. Why are you, British activists, as you desperately try to resist the encroachment of Islam in your towns, cities, culture and government, allowing your movement to be run by (1) “Brian of London,” a South African Jew who sojourned in Britain for a few years before departing for his “Promised Land,” and (2) Avi Yemini, a self-confessed heroin addict who served as a sniper in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) before returning to Australia – interesting that he didn’t want to serve in the Australian military, despite being raised there – to found a chain of gyms that now acts as a recruiting agent for the IDF?

Does it not seem utterly absurd that two foreign Jews are trying to exclude a half-Pakistani activist from a British anti-Islam movement with the argument that she is a “neo-Nazi white supremacist”? Or that “neo-Nazi white supremacists” are the only ones defending the obvious essential decency of this brown-skinned woman? Something has gone wrong in the Narrative Construction department at Hasbara Central. I don’t think the Jews have been sending their best people to run the Tommy Robinson Show, which, as a result, may soon have to be cancelled due to declining audience figures.

The Great Goy Rebellion of 2019 has provoked some interesting video commentary, a few examples of which appear below.