Greta Thunberg’s Army Clashes with German Police in White Supremacist Fight Against “Coal Burning”

Like it or not, this is what peak revolution looks like.

New York Post:

Climate activist Greta Thunberg joined an estimated 6,000 protesters in Germany who marched through rain and mud to voice their opposition against the expansion of a coal mine on Saturday.

The demonstrators walked to the village of Luetzerath, about 90 minutes outside Dusseldorf.

The village is slated to be destroyed to make way for the coal mine — a move activists say symbolizes Berlin’s failing climate policy.

This is a betrayal of present and future generations… Germany is one of the biggest polluters in the world and needs to be held accountable,” Thunberg said on a podium, after she was seen marching with a cardboard sign boasting the German phrase “Luetzi stays,” which is a shorthand name for the village.

Local media has reported clashes between the police and demonstrators, who have occupied the village in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia for two years in an attempt to stop the expansion by energy firm RWE.

Taking orders from a mentally retarded teenage girl is probably even worse than taking orders from Bill Gates.

There is something deeply wrong with our society.

Right now, the only person standing in this bitch’s way is Jordan Peterson.

If Greta believes that the world is going to end because of carbon, why won’t she come out and condemn this war on Russia?

Is she weak and cowardly? Or is she literally mentally retarded?

Is she an agitated disabled person with no clear perception of reality?