Guatemala’s Top Court Calls for Anal Degenerates to Have Good Manners During Pride March

El Salvador doesn’t have anal pride parades anymore.

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Guatemala’s top court on Friday issued a resolution that called for “good manners” and authorities to protect moral values at this year’s annual LGBT pride parade, after a lawyer sought to ban the march and prevent children from attending.

Guatemala, a largely Catholic country of some 17 million people, is one of a handful of countries in Latin America that does not legally recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions.

While resolving that the march could take place, Guatemala’s constitutional court issued an order urging parade participants to protest peacefully and calling for the “protection of spiritual and moral social values, especially in the case of children and teenagers.”

Roberto Antonio Cano, the lawyer who sought to ban the march, argued that the parade “contains immoral, sexual, depraved scenes, contrary to the moral and integral development of children.”

March organizers said the court resolution stigmatizes and discriminates against sexual diversity.

Homosexuality has apparently always existed. As a behavior.

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