HAHA: US Diverting Ukraine Shells to Israel!

That stupid Jew cunt Yellen said that fighting two wars (for two separate groups of Jews) at once was not a problem at all.

See: Jewish Yellen Says US Can Easily Afford Two Jewish Wars

Apparently, that gross yenta does not know much about the current state of the US’ armament!



The US will give Israel tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells that were originally set aside for Ukraine, Axios reported on Thursday. The Israeli military reportedly told the Pentagon that it needed the shells to prepare for a ground invasion of Gaza.

The US maintains a stockpile of ammunition at a facility in Israel, which only US forces have access to. Earlier this year, the US began taking shells from this facility and another stockpile in South Korea in order to meet Ukraine’s massive demand for ammo.

Israeli officials told the news site that the US will now be refilling this stockpile with ammunition from its own stocks that had been earmarked for Ukraine, at the direct request of the Israeli government. The officials said that the shells will arrive in Israel in the coming weeks.

The report comes a day after US President Joe Biden visited Israel. After Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, the latter said that the US president had promised him a “massive, unprecedented” package of military aid.

Well, that’s certainly not surprising.

Every time the US gives Israel anything, it surpasses the precedent of the previous time the US gave Israel something.

America is run by the Jews, you see. These Jews that run America use the American government to transfer the belongings of the American people to themselves. It’s a very simple and obvious swindle, but if you talk about it, Jews will destroy your life completely.

It is unclear from his statement whether the Israeli PM was referring to the artillery shells.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted at a crucial time for Ukraine. With its summer counteroffensive over having achieved only minimal gains at an enormous human cost, Kiev is currently lobbying European nations that can’t manufacture the arms it needs, while American officials are reportedly preoccupied with rushing weapons to Israel.

“We need some support from the leaders,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said during an impromptu visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels last week. “It’s important there are long-distance missiles, or long-distance weapons … The problem: How to get it?”

Yeah, well – you’re not gonna get it from Israel, I can tell you that much, buddy.

The Jews who run America hate Russia more than anything, and they were willing to keep going with this thing for as long as they could – but then all of a sudden their home base was under attack.

And things are really looking bad for Israel.

Bibi has very little support among his own people, and as of right now, he is totally incapable of invading Gaza, let alone Lebanon and the West Bank and all these other places he’s going to have to invade.

Meanwhile, the entire Moslem world is a powder keg ready to blow.


Every Shiite nation is ready to roll out right now.

How long can people like Erdogan and Sisi and the rest of these Sunni leaders keep their own populations in check? How long before populations start rising up against leaders who won’t get in line behind Palestine?

What is Saudi going to do?

China and Russia are supporting the Moslems.

Part of the reason that the Jews haven’t invaded Gaza yet is that they simply are not ready. They do not have a good military. They are good at bombing hospitals and random apartment buildings, but that is the extent of the IDF skillset.

But the other problem is that it’s basically impossible to invade Gaza without at least invading Lebanon and probably the West Bank, and at that point, no one knows what the rest of the Islamic world is going to do.

Iran is threatening to go full-on, ride or die, pistols to the sky.

You can say whatever you want about the Moslems. They believe God is on their side, and they believe if they die in a war against the Jews, they go to Heaven.

Israel has a very, very serious problem. Their best idea is to bomb hospitals and further inflame the situation. Not really strategic thinking.

All this is to say: the Ukraine is no longer a priority.

They are losing their war, very badly, and they admit that they are ending the “counteroffensive” and that it was a complete failure.

The US is going to have to scale back this war, and apparently, denying Zelensky the shells he’s asking for is the beginning of that scaling back.